26 February 2008

am i blue....

so i couldn't bring myself to post right after the oscars
mostly because i was a tired chica
but also because i was much sadder than i expected
that ellen page didn't win
it didn't ruin my day or anything
(& she did tell barbara walters that
she didn't think she deserves it...
although who
besides maybe alec baldwin
when asked by barbara walters if they think they deserve an oscar
would say
'why yes. yes i do.')
but my confusion with the whole french language movie thing
just added to my frustration
(truly if anyone knows about this
i would love to hear...)
i loved it all anyway
& i pretty much agree with what this little filly
says over at her blog
(though she was much more gracious to the french girl:)

i was stunned about tilda swinton
she was such a long shot on all the lists
i do truly love it when that happens...

& that this wonderful song from once won

that was perfect
they so deserved it
& you should see that movie
it is delicious!

& a sad part for me
is that i missed the farewell montage...
i always love that
& like to get to think about the people
that i knew of one last time
& always inevitably say
'i didn't know she died!'
also sad to have not seen heath
(wow this is a downer post...
perk up lady!)

i always love it
no matter what
but this does not even compare
to the year gwyneth won
or the year Q broke his arm during the show
& we didn't realize it until the next morning
(we knew he was hurt
just didn't know to what extent
i know
nice parenting.)

okay well
me & my little meloncaly self
are going to go listen to the cure
that should perk me right up

& if you want a much better assesment of the oscars
be sure to check miss kate's blog
(she even has pictures!)
& for another great opinion
here's the email i got from a certain
80something year old stinking cute relative of mine...

I watched the Oscars last night because I knew you girls would be watching and I felt we were having a private party.
Did you hear my comments?
Emily, you sure were close in your predictions. Since I didn't see any of the movies, I judged the clothes. Guys always
look handsome in tuxes. Some of the dresses left something to be desired. When did it stop being smart to wear dresses
that made you look good.
I felt sorry for that poor skinny woman who appeared to be just a sack of bones. And what's with the form fitting satin dresses
that make your tummy seem to pooch out?
And lastly, I thought the best actress was the gal, Marion Cotillard. If you are nominated and talked up for weeks why would
you be so surprised when you won. All the nominees generally have prepared speeches.
Oh yes, my vote went to Hal Holbrook - he's a great actor. He's been in movies I've actually seen.
Yes, George was gorgeous as usual.
Love from the lower Willamette Valley critic,

oh how i love her



Thanks for the shout out...and Yes, we have the best Grandma!!! Love her! Wish her blog still worked.

Sarah said...

just stopping by to let you know I FINALLY updated my blog!! ;) Hope to see you soon!

emmi said...

Saw your sis-in-law at a women's retreat this weekend and thought of you. Checked your blog today and thought of this blog (stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com).
Very funny! Almost as fun as your grandma.

jmbmommy said...

That emmi is a silly one...what to say, I just really liked Glen and Marketa singing and I liked that John Stewart brought her back out to say her "thank-yous"...I thought that was the best thing that I had ever seen on the Oscars. They were sweet people and I can't get enough of the "Once" soundtrack!