16 July 2006

moment by moment...

i just got the newest
Wondertime magazine in the mail
if you don’t know this magazine
you should look for it
(in fact here's the site
you're welcome:)

it had an article all about living in the moment with your kids
not thinking about what to make for dinner
or the laundry
or even what you’re going to do next
just being with them
looking at them
& playing
& enjoying the little moments
because they make up the big day
& ultimately your huge life

this is hard for everyone i imagine
& especially when you have kiddos
there is just so much going on
but i also know how fast things go
miss m is almost 4 months old
i just want to remember things
& make her life one
where she grows up knowing
that it’s more important to be together
than to make the bed
(but hey if we can make the bed together all the better!)

last night
Q was playing in the back yard
& i decided to sweep up all of the leaves on the patio
he said
‘i broom too’
so i got his broom
& we swept together
then put the stuff in the recycle can
it took about
20 times longer to do it with him
but it was so fun
& he felt good because he helped
& i felt good because he is just growing up
& i get to see it

i worry that i'm going to get too caught up in other things
& forget to look down
& see that i'm feeding a beautiful sweet little tiny girl
& when i do look down
i will actually be looking up
because she will have grown right up past me
(this is not a stretch of the imagination
gulka+bressi=tall kiddos:)
i don't want to get all 'seize every moment'
because hello?
not possible
but i also don't want it to fly by
with no real memory of it....

this just what i'm thinking about
& i just want to know
do you ever feel like this?


Kel said...

Oh em, I feel like that so much, which I think is good because it reminds me to slow down, or just stop. Everything else will always be there (laundry, dishes, etc.) but our kids will not always be little. Thank you for another reminder.

Left Coast Sister said...

Amen, sister! Nothing makes me crazier than realizing that in trying to do all 50 things on my list in a day, I've not once looked at my little kids in the eyes... It is good to remember that only retired people whose children have children need tidy homes.

jmbmommy said...

hee hee, tidy home? fa-gedd-aboud-it! The little ones are great and SO much all at the same time. A deep breath at least once a day, it's a good thing!

Angie said...

Yup yup yup. I'm with ya!


I want to take time to memorize those little faces too, I only get to be the auntie to these special kids and I want them to know I remember when they were tiny...and so funny! Love you!

Kel said...

anxiously awaiting my first issue of Wondertime. What a wonderful thing and what a wonderful friend you are. love you.

rach said...

i really really needed to hear (read) this today - even if i am doing stuff with my kids- wiping noses, getting milk cups, velcro-ing shoes, putting on bandaids - i can still be obsessing in my brain about all of the other stuff i have to do instead of paying attention to them!