10 July 2006

goin' to the chapel & other congratulations...

congratulations to my dear little sister, kate
& her guy ryan
they are engaged!
& cute as can be:)

they are getting married in december
& sadly she has nixed the idea
of giant winter coats & sweat pants for bridesmaids attire
not even an exception for the 'matron of honor'
(watch soon for an entire blog devoted to the hatred of that term...)
so the working out begins...
(ummm yes,
it was supposed to have begun about
5 years ago
so i'm a little behind
strike that BIG behind:)

hooray for kate!
she is planning like a mad woman!
so much fun!
much more on this to come
be sure of that:)

you can kind of see her ring
in the picture
(well, you can tell she has one i guess:)
it's a sparkler!

also a big congratulations to some of my friends
who have been trying to get pregnant for a while
jamie & matt
holly & jeremy

nozomi & michael
& a mystery friend
who is still too early to widely announce
(& no it is not rachael:)

i am so excited for all of you!

we have now ended the congratulatory portion
of the blog

more to come...
4th of july

& musings on:
spit up
something to add to the

stay tuned...



jmbmommy said...

I like the sweat pants idea, you could jazz them up with some rhinestones and make them just *sparkle*. Tell Katie (!Kate!) I bet she is real in to rhinestones.
I can't wait for the spit-up blog, could you also do one about when you are changing a diaper and realize that the baby is mid-poo, but you have already removed the other diaper, so there is just poo ALL over the inside of a nice pair of jammies...how about one like that???? Yea? Great!

Kel said...

Hooray for my friend Kate!!!
I love sparkly rings and wedding planning, and happy engaged people, and weddings!!!! Please, oh please have dancing! I need to dance! Especially in honor of Kate and Ryan!

Grandma Betty said...

Never again am I going to tell you
"when I was your age I' You will just
have to guess what I did.

Grandma Betty said...

Forget I said that. Just back from a long bus ride.
Congratulations to all the happy couples.
sequin decorated sweat suits sound very

Left Coast Sister said...

Yippee, Kat(i)e!! I agree with you on the matron of honor title... ick. Although maybe if she wanted a theme wedding, like maybe Couch Potato, the sweats idea would TOTALLY work. Really. Themes are the all the rage.


I am the BRIDE and there will be no Sweatsuits in the wedding! I would love to have one for getting ready that said MRS WEBBER! that would be fun! I hope this day will give you some time to feel glamorous and not worrying about poop! KEL, I promise there will be lots of dancing!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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