19 July 2006

bloggity blog blog blog

i love blogs
this is no secret
thought sometimes i do feel like
a no life dork & a half
when i start my sentences with
‘i just read on this blog…’
but i like it
besides i have a life
it happens between 7am & 11 pm
blogs are in the wee hours after the 2am feeding
so there;)

just in case you are looking for something else to do
(yeah i know
you’re life is so empty & void of time consuming tasks)
here are some of my favorite blogs
give ‘em a try….

a scrapbooker & friend of mine, she writes about everything
& gives sneak peeks of new SB stuff …because you can never have enough right?

scrapbooker/photographer…her pictures will make you want to grab your camera & drive your friends & family c crazy snapping away

sarcastic mommy with laugh out loud observations, some swearing may occur…

hilarious stay at home, scrapbook mom, writes like she talks (i imagine…having never actually met her…:)

my sis, miss katie b & the whirlwind of wedding planning…funny funny girl:)

my dear friend darci & her sister & their musings on life, love & sippy cups

cutie mom kelly & her sweet boys..live from boise:)

angie’s deep thoughts…funny & thought provoking…I love this girl:)

author of ‘good in bed, ‘in her shoes’, goodnight nobody’…fun to see how she spends her days plus (brag alert) i met h her & she signed my book (it was a book signing after all:)…funny funny & an interesting insiders view of
today’s literary world

believe me i read way more than this
but these are current faves
& don’t you worry your pretty little head
i will let you know when there are others you simply must see:)

& you better let me know your faves too!


Emily Rose said...

Hey Emily,
Love reading about you, Q and Miss M. So you list a bunch of favorite blogs and mine isn't in there. Argh. I forgive you though, mainly because you're usually writing at 2AM and I can't remember anything at 2AM :-) Here comes the shameless promotion: Check out emilyrosedoesnotblog.blogspot.com
It's written by this fiesty stay at home mom who likes to call out her friends when they don't mention her blog. She's kind of a b*%^&, but sometimes she writes funny stuff.

Anonymous said...
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