21 July 2006

for the love of tagless

sometime in the summer of the year 2024...

'when i was your age.....'


'when i was your age...'

'hey quinn! come in here
mom's talking about the olden days'

'mom we both just spent endless amounts of time
on airplanes to come see you
& you're already starting in on that?'

'yeah mom the flight from new york was so long
it was like the longest 20 minutes of my life'

'boo hoo merra
try an hour from australia
i had to program my zpod to-'

'you have a zpod?
when did you...?'

'when i was your age
we had these little bits of fabric on the inside of clothing
they were very small
about the size of your cel phone there, merra'

'oh mom i've been meaning to talk to you about that
i have the biggest phone in my whole dorm
it is so embarrassing
people point at me & yell
'hey look at that huge thing
it fits on the tip of her finger!'


'shut up quinn'

'no you-'

'enough kids....
they were called tags
& they had information printed on them'

'like what?'

'like the size of the item
the brand name
& how to wash it...
sometimes they were very itchy
& they would flip up
& if you were standing in line at the post office
the person behind you could tell what size you were wearing...
only a really good friend would tuck your tag back in for you'

'standing in line where?'

'the post office'

'oh yeah, we studied those in 'history of american pop culture'
it was like x-mail
but instead of mentally teleporting things to people
you had to go to a building & 'send' it to them in a box
then these guys in crazy outfits
would bring the boxes to your house'



'when you two were just babies
they started just printing information on the clothes
they called it tagless
& we all loved it'

'how long ago was this?'

'oh let's see
quinn you were about 2
& merra you were just born
i'm sure i have a picture someplace...'

'yeah mom we've seen the pictures
about 58,000 per year since we were born.
there not even holographic
so old...'

'merra be nice'

'well, it's true
mom's so old she remembers when president holmes-cruise was born
did you know people didn't think she even existed for a while?
so shnucky'


'shnucky, mom
it means crazy
like sean preston spears-federline...
have you seen his new k-video?
that kid has ISSUES'

taggless was the greatest thing'

'that's cool mom...
where's dad?'

'he's at jerry's buying wood for his newest project
it's a table to hold my new z-oven'

'why don't you just buy the table made for it like normal parents?'

'you know your dad
he likes to put his personal touch on things...'

'ava's parents they just got back from france for the 53rd time
& they brought the newest r-book with them...
they are so cool...'

'it's true mom
everybodies parents are so much cooler than you guys
clara's mom just started moon hopping'

'are you guys dating?'

'we're just friends'

'cause megan said she saw you guys holding hands...'

'she did not'

'she sent me an o-pic
i'll show you,,,
where is my phone'

'anyway kids
glad you're home for a while'

'thanks mom, love you'

'yeah, we love you, mom
even if you are a little shnucky....'



Kel said...

so fun! you are so funny!
I especially like the part about Quinn and Clara holding hands! hee hee!


LOL...and silent tears. Will they really grow up to be college kids? Oh hang onto those little toes for awhile longer!

Jamie said...

You are the cutest darn thing I've ever seen/heard/laughed with! I can't even imagine this baby in my belly kicking me yet and you're imagining 2024. Amazing!

Jamie said...

P.S. I LOVE tagless! No one can see the XL anymore... They need to start doing that to g-strings and panties, for the love of Victoria's Secret! I'm tired of looking a Britney-esque size 0 tags...

jmbmommy said...

You are hilarious....you keep going and going and going...... Where do you find the creativity?! Love your Jetson brain!

Angie said...

Apparently if I want to improve my creativity and imagination I need to be getting up at 2:00 am!

rach said...

very brave of you to think of the future em. it's hard to think of our babies knowing more about fads and cool lingo than us! how can this happen??