29 July 2006

An email worth sharing…

i just got this in my in box

From: jesus
Subject: VIP handbags replica

- Elite Handbags - Louis Vuitton (217 mod.), Chanel (29 mod.), Hermes (9 mod.). $164.99 - $324.99

at first i thought
the Lord works in mysterious ways
so okay, Jesus, if you really want me to…
that’s all it said
so on further thought…

A) if Jesus was going to give me a good tip on handbags
he would at least include a note
‘hey, noticed you were doing a pretty good job
but it looks your purse (read: diaper bag) is a little worn out
thought you might need a tip on some savings’

B) if Jesus thought i needed a new handbag wouldn’t it just come straight to me?
appear on my doorstep one morning or something?

C) Jesus knows what i can afford
& it’s about a tenth of the lowest price listed
(more like a twentyth)

D) (& this is for people who actually think capitalizing is necessary)
wouldn’t his name have been capitalized?

E) even if he forgot the note,
forgot my financial status,
forgot home delivery
& forgot to capitalize,
wouldn’t the Lord, the savior of the universe
be giving tips on AUTHENTIC vuittons & chanels?

The universe is full of questions…



Left Coast Sister said...

You make me laugh laugh laugh! then again, it could be that a Latino fellow who pronounces his name Hey-Seuss would like to sell you a new bag. But I'd go with the Christian option....

emilyruth said...

you say PO-TAY-TOE
i say PO-Ta-TO

Kel said...

what the heck? isn't email wierd?


That made me laugh out loud! I think Jesus would want you to have the genuine article!