03 May 2006

you might be an oregonian if...

on the first sunny week of the spring
you plan a trip to the coast
it's not like there won't be other sunny times
like usually the whole summer
but never underestimate 6 stir crazy moms
& a sunny day

we drove over
to the coast
6 moms
11 kids
on a mission
to forget
to run
to laugh
to play
to explore

we drove over
& talked
& remembered
& smiled
& found out
& thought
& reveled

we drove back
for more

i love this picture...
doesn't it just say
come join us
we are cute & ready for anything...

& we were cute
& happily i was ready for anything
my dear little Q
getting absolutely soaked in a tide pool
& once again ending up bottomless
on the beach
(also happened in cali at thanksgiving;)

b & i were talking last night
about mr.Q
& the best way to describe him is
that boy loves life
no worries
no cares
no rules (until i arrive & spoil his fun:)
he just loves everything

miss merra
slept the entire time we were on the actual beach
in the bjorn
that was a blessing on top of a blessing
breastfeeding on the beach
not in my top ten

it was a fun time
we have a great play group
pretty laid back
up for fun

i am quite thankful for it too...


Angie said...

I love the picture of the vehicles all lined up, ready for packing/unpacking business.
Way to go on posting great pictures.

Left Coast Sister said...

Looks delightful! A moms best friend is other moms, dont you think??

rach said...

this was a gorgeous day - i would post a picture of quinn and mimi running in the sand, but i still have to get a tutorial from angie!