11 May 2006

sleep is overrated...

last night i stayed up until 2am
(is that really how you say it?
or should it be
i stayed up until 2am
i think that's it!)

why would i do such a thing?
you ask
or you may assume
it has to do with the 7 week old bundle
sleeping in the next room

i was scrapbooking on photoshop elements 4
& i gotta say
it rocks
i am totally hooked

i will never stop scrapbooking traditionally
(you know with actual stuff)
but playing around on the computer
totally brought me back to the days when
i wanted to be a graphic designer

i love fonts
i have 350 right now
& i want more
give me more!
(gee i wonder where Q gets
his hoarding of matchbox cars gene?)

so here are a few i've been working on
not too amazing
but a boatload of fun to make

love it
love it
love it


Jamie said...

I just got back from a scrapbooking party (where I spent $150.73!!!) and then I see your pages and they are DELISH. It looks like your writing too, Em! Baby Girl simply could NOT be cuter...xo


Thank you for the kind page about me...it is nice to know you think I am smart.