25 May 2006

a new one...

two sweet daughters already
a third pregnancy
a surprise ending

new things
& experiences
a girl would never know
if God
had not sent
a boy
of her very own

allow me to introduce
henry owen
8 pounds 3ounces
20 1/2 inches
of pure love
congratulations to my dear friend, rachael
so happy for you
you are going to love having a boy:)



He is beautiful! You really are going to love having a boy Racheal!

rach said...

thank you emily -
right now i am just enjoying the great clothes that a boy brings - so simple, everything matches - all the blues and greens look great together - not like the piles and piles of different shades of pinks and purples i have to deal with - just pants - not skirts and capris and dresses and pants and tights - ah - so simple. and i am so looking forward to all the boy stuff of the future - matchbox cars under my pillow, peeing outside with ease, lots of wrestling and sports and crazy amounts of energy - so much fun in our future!