06 May 2006

inside the box...

you look at it
you see a box
a white box
a box that held some stuff from costco
a box that is now empty
a box that is sitting by the door
a box that is ready to be recycled

you’d be wrong though

it is a vehicle
(“push! push!”)
it is a matchbox car storage place
it is a new place to relax
it is a place to explore

It’s not just a box
It’s a 2 year old experience



I think this might be a genetic trait, I sit in a box all dayat work. Well done Em, you are preparing him for the mean world we call " cube land"

prrrof said...

Ha! Our kids LOVe the boxes too--to push around until they break, to be pushed around in. (Thanks for dropping by our blog! I'll check yours now too...)