05 May 2006

david scissorhands

Q got his haircut yesterday
third haircut
first time that i took pictures

the first haircut
was pretty bad
the cut was fine
the experience...
not so good
first off
their rule is
kids can't sit on parents laps
what is up with that?
'okay honey, i'm going to leave you in this giant chair
while some one you've never seen before
covers you with a big sheet &
points scissors at your head'
he had to be bribed
but even that didn't keep him from crying the whole time
poor little guy

second time
3 days after miss merra was born
b took him
& he did great
but alas no pictures
(there is always an except isn't there?)
the girl hardly cut the back
not only was that putting him on a one way train to mullet townbut
it's a consperacy i say
to get us back there every week
cause it grows fast

this time my step mom was getting her hair done
by the guy who has cut her hair
for years
so she said
bring him by

& it was so good
david just had him sit in my lap
then he went into
fast forward mode
i like how in this picture
his hands are blurry
cause not even a camera can catch his hands at rest

Q might not look so happy
but believe me
it's 80 times better than:
bits of hair
not a good combo

it was done so fast
& then he got to sit on grammy's lap
while she got hers done

so good
thank you
to hairdresser david
& your robo scissors

ps while i am very happy
that Q is no longer
in the first stages
of a mullet
it is always a little sad to see
a new haircut
makes him look like
such a big boy..

1 comment:

Left Coast Sister said...

I SO agree about how sad it is when the little boy look gets lost!! However, I'm definitely more down with "Big Boy" than with "Rockin' Mullet". Yikes!