12 May 2006

happy mama day!

mother's day is always bittersweet for me
my dear sweet mom
died in 1997
almost 9 years ago
can't believe it's been that long...
she was just wonderful
a great mom
role model
& friend
here's to susan thayer bressi
she's having fun where she is
making heaven a better place:)

now that i am a mom
it is different
it's not as much about loss
as gain
i gained those two little sweeties
who make me a mommy
thanks Q & miss m
you make everyday better:)

& a few other moms i want to mention...

my step mom, tam
oh boy
she is a gem
we are so blessed
that God sent her to my dad
she would do anything for any of us
(& pretty much has:)
she is a good friend too
don't know what we would do without her:)
tam, you are a gift
sent straight from heaven:)

my mother-in-law, rona
besides the fact that she gave birth to & raised
my favorite guy
she is a great woman
& she is just so good to us
drives down just to see us
& cooks
& plays
& talks
& cooks
& laughs
& watches
& tickles
& shops
(one time she went grocery shopping
& brought back enough groceries
to fill our freezer
& cupboards
can you even imagaine?
it was awesome)
& gives
& is going to wash our windows this summer
(she likes to do it!)
& loves
& loves
& loves
thanks rona!
we love you!

my grandma
oh goodness
what do i say about her?
too much to write
she is just precious
our family is so lucky to have her as our matriarch
(she would laugh at that description;)
she reminds me
that i need to just be myself
& enjoy life
& not apologize for it
(& to watch cooking shows even if i don't actually cook;)
i love you grandma!

& my 2 best mama friends
(though to be accurate
we were friends before we were mama's too:)

angie & rachael
they help
& laugh
& give advice
& make it fun
& are honest
& get me through
& show me how it's done
thanks girls
being a mom
would be so much less fun without you!
i love you guys:)


rach said...

thanks em - i love being a mom with you too - i love that you love being a mom - i just love you!

Angie said...

I think this must be what it feels like to win an Oscar or a Grammy or the Nobel Prize...

That is...

...to be nominated in itself is such an honor...

...then to actually win is a thrill...

...but at the end, there is the awe and humility of the company with which you now keep...

Thanks, Emily :)

Left Coast Sister said...

I can't believe your mom left all of us 9 years ago... wow. But life is still deep in sweetness... can't wait to meet your latest edition (and addition!)... Momming is such a complicated and fun adventure!


I think you have qualities of all these women...that is why we all love you so much!