16 May 2006

Subscription addiction...

i love magazines
oh how i love magazines

they are the reason i love design

they are the reason i know celebrity gossip
(okay granted I was out of the loop for a few weeks
so much so that brian casually said to me one day
'did britney get in trouble for her kid not being in a car seat?'
'‘what?' i said
'‘you don'’t know about that? wow, even i knew about that...'…see? have some kids
& the random-facts-about-celebrities part of your brain vanishes:)

back to magazines....
they are the reason i haven'’t read a book for my book club in 3 months
(oh but i still go to the meetings
just for the adult conversation without toddlers quotient)

they are the reason i know that sarah jessica parker wore a $4,000 dress to p.diddy'’s party...…
they are the reason i still haven'’t put pictures up in our living room
(too many good ideas)...…
they are the reason i know that if merra's poop is blue I should call the doctor...…
they are the reason i know the best mascara to buy ...…
they are the reason i know that stitching on scrapbook pages is big right now ...…
they are the reason i know that
if we ever have a pool in our back yard
there is a really cute floaty chair at crate & barrel
that also has matching place mats...…
they are the reason i know that you shouldn'’t wear horizontal striped pants...…

where would I be without them?
(reading my book club book I suppose)

so thank you to the publishers of
US & people
Creating keepsakes, simple scrapbooks, scrapbooks etc & scrapbook answers
In style & lucky
Home companion, cottage living, country home, blueprint & domino
time & newsweek
parents, parenting, child & American baby
real simple & redbook

you make my walk to the mail box
& my solo outings to barnes & noble
wonderful trips indeed...…


Left Coast Sister said...

Since you are my People magazine mole, what is going on with Elizabeth Taylor? Wasn't she on death's door? Is there a scrapbook page about her now? (;


I don't know how you have time to even read magazines. I don't have kids and I have a pile of magazines under the coffee table that I have not even touched.

You must be a better multi tasker than I am.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

An even better option would be www.SpeedyMags.com. They have thousands of magazines at the best prices I have ever seen. Also as the name implies, they are the fastest :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that non working hyperlink. It should have been SpeedyMags.com