08 February 2011

vv.4: wall o' hearts...

as soon as i put away the christmas decorations
(not ever too soon,
i'm not a day after christmas clean-up type of girl...
i like to have them around for a little while)
i get out the the valentine box...
it's not as big as the christmas box
(well, boxes :)
but it's always fun to unpack it...

there are a few things i've had for a while
& some things i've collected through the year...
(this is just a little bit of the pile)

every year i do something different
(not like christmas where almost
everything goes in it's own traditional spot)

last year at the coburg antique fair
i found a pile of wire hearts
(in auntie joy's booth...love her)
& i had to get them...
i didn't know what i was going to do with them
but that's not the point...
buying something you loooove
THAT'S the point :)

this year i put them in our windows
& i really love how they look
(even with our dirty panes :)

& then the hearts all in a row...
some i collected,
some the kids made,
some i made...

plus a little footprint in there
just so it's not TOO uniform :)

i have purged my collection several times
so all that remain are my faves...

i think it would be so fun to do the entire wall like this
just for the month or so before valentines day...
but somehow i think the man with the spackle won't
be too supportive of that...

do you decorate for valentines?
do tell!



very valentine is a series of posts i do
in february as we get closer to valentine's day...
you can see more over here...

happy hearting!

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Barbara Jean said...

fun fun fun!!!

hugs girl