17 September 2009

coburg: vintage fun with...stuff i brought home

so that's all the stuff i got
cool huh?

ha ha
not so fast
of course
i have a few more things to say
about the things i acquired...

when i go to coburg
i usually don't go with a big list
because i just never plan that well :)
but even though i don't
it seems like there are always themes
& the same sorts of things pop out at me...
so this year that was...

of course letters!
i just love them
& always have
& i have a hard time passing them up...
oi, indeed!

i tend to look & never buy
but this year i just decided to go for it
i mean not REALLY go for it...
everything was less than the price of
'gilmore girls' season 6 dvd used on amazon

i actually got that turquoise necklace at
an estate sale on friday & then the daisy on saturday...
it just gave it that little something...
i think they will be bff for real...

these little white flowery things are clip on earrings
& before i found the daisy
i was going to use them for a necklace helper
but now i might make them into clips
(thanks for that idea, trisha!)

then, my dear, jill gave me a little gift at our show & tell time
a goodie bag full of rick rack...
oh rick rack....fruit of the crafty gods
which leads me into the trims & embellishments portion of the day...

that whale ribbon takes me back to the 80's

black & white
is always welcome...
hello little floweries...

& this next one was an amazing find
i give every bit of the credit to kim
she saw it
she plucked it from it's spot
she showed it to me
she handed it to me
i bought it
(& speaking of come play...
you can see the fun we had on saturday at jill's house
over at the come play: eugene blog...
something really fun is brewing
in the come play offices (read:my head)
i will tell you all about it soon...)

this last one might be my favorite little find
i don't like to play favorites
black & white
great pattern
purse like
big enough for lots of great stuff
what i look for in a favorite

is it any wonder why i love coburg?
such fun stuff!

oh & one more
all credit to kim again
who said
'oh, these are my daughter's 1st & middle initial'
after a few beats i said
'oh, those are mine, too'
i only type them in every day like 8 times a day when i log into
my email & whatever else...
so after kim assured me that she wasn't going to get it
(thanks kim:)
i also got this little gem
i think i see a new banner in the future...



the neills said...

you sooo scored! the jewelry was great (totally stuff i would've chose on a rare occassion of buying jewelry) and i'm am so not a fan of purses but i LOVE that purse you found! good hunting. ;)

Meg said...

I bought jewelry too! (Of course)

That turquoise necklace with the daisy pin makes me swoon. Love. It.

You scored some GREAT stuff! It was great to see you!

I'm off to Oak Street Vintage in a bit because I simply didn't find enough on Sunday. ;)

annacrusis said...

i'm inspired to stop looking and start buying...just a few things at a time of course and only if they are as cute as the stuff you got!

jmbmommy said...

I think I just fainted because that bag is sooooooo cute!!! I want it!!! I missed going with you, but I think that I would have been flirting with insanity if I had gone.

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

What a fun post! LOVE those blue beads with the daisy! So cool!

Anonymous said...

Emily, that was so much fun. Loved how everyone had one another's back while we shopped, on the lookout not only for our own heart's desires but that of our friends too. Thanks for indulging nerdy me in the photo ops... just excited to be around all the creative energy. Can't wait to see what you have in store next!

Sarah said...

suuuuper cute stuff!! and how perfect was that little bag to tte around all your awesome finds!? I finally got my photos up! Had such a good day, sorry we didn't get to hang out for more of it!