15 February 2011

a sense of wonder: february 2011

my fonts are not cooperating this morning...
big, tiny, huge, small...
make up your mind!
& then do what i'm asking you to do!
so that's that...
let's move along, shall we?


all of the spring lines are coming out...
a perfect little pop of fun
in the midst of all this rain
(not that rain isn't fun...)

that one above is orla kiely
(i spotted it on a beautiful mess
a few weeks ago
& can't get it out of my head :)

& this fun look book
(also from a beautiful mess)
it's not all my style
(& doesn't need to be :)
but the idea of it
& the fun they had making it
is super fun & inspiring to see...
love it!

the hunger games trilogy...
it's so exciting & fun!
if you need something that's a
fast read but totally engrossing
give these a try...
i'm on the third one, mockingjay,
& i'm so excited to see what happens
but also want to savor it...
i love that feeling!


dark chocolate covered raisins

i was at a baby shower last month
& we played a game
('my FAVORITE thing to do at parties!'
she said with a hint of sarcasm)
apparently we were supposed to play as individuals
but my table, we were a team
& we finished first
& i raised my hand
that we were done
& so the prize was given to me...
we decided to split up the goodies
i took the loofa (totally needed a new one)
& when i gave the bath gel to my friend lisa
she said
'are you sure?'
& i said
'honestly, this is my least favorite scent'
(i'm very picky about that stuff... so goofy)
& she said
'well i got a bunch of stuff for christmas
what's your favorite? i will bring you something'
my favorite scents are citrus lemonie &/or vanilla...
the next time i saw lisa she handed me a bag with this in it

a combo of my favorites!
& let me tell you, it's heavenly...
lemon summer vanilla body gel
my new favorite!

ps i know i made out the best in this scenario...
it really doesn't even make sense that lisa would trade me
since she was the winner too
but she is one of the nicest people in the world
& just smiled when i pointed this out :)

super cozy lightweight black yoga pants.


all of the 'glee' versions of songs:

forget you
teenage dream
umbrella/singing in the rain mash-up

& my favorite:

& i love watching darren criss perform
he just seems so comfortable & happy...

& also listening:
vidal sassoon on fresh air:

'if you have an idea & you keep it to yourself,
it dies with you.
what's the point?'

i loved this!
it's so true...
sometimes i keep my creativity to myself...
& what's the good in that?
there's a place for art just for the sake of
creating, everything doesn't have to be shared...
but i have stuff that i want to share
& i just don't...
i LOVE to see other people's stuff
& so i should share as well
even if it's just for my own creative confidence...
this interview was so great
vidal has such a wonderful accent
& you can tell he loves what he does still after 40 years...
i love that!


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