09 February 2011

vv.5: love to read

i love to read!
i learned to read when i was 6 or whatever
& i haven't stopped...

during the summer when i was a teenage girl
my parents would pay us a
penny a page for reading books
(& they charged us a penny a minute to watch tv)
& i made so much money those summers!

i have always loved stories...
nothing historical
nothing real
but not too much fantasy either...
i live in real life i don't want to read about it
& yet i would like my books to be
based on things that probably could happen...

'love walked in' fits the bill so incredibly well...
sweet but not too sweet
funny but not too funny
romantic but not too romantic
sad but not too sad...
sheesh maybe i should just read the label on the oatmeal
i'm making it sound so plain...

i will admit that the reason bought
this book is because of the cover...
the font
the red ribbon
the headless body
how could i resist?
it's what got me past the name
which i think sounds so cheesey...
& then you read it & it all makes sense
& you love it
& tell all of your friends
& only one reads it
(hi, rach!)
but one is enough
because then we could talk about it...
you know?

check it out
i promise you won't be sorry :)

ps right now i'm reading 'the hunger games' series
brian has been telling me to read it for a couple of years now
& as usual he is right
(see: 'twilight')
it is so so good!
it's a young adult book
& the plot is so great
i can't even start talking about it...
plus it's going to be made into a movie
so i'm glad i read it before i saw the movie
(see: 'twilight')
it's a super easy read
fast fast fast...
though beware
in some parts you will want to hide from your family
so you can find out what happens next
(see: 'cat in the hat'...just kidding)
& the main character is such a sweet, tough girl
you just want to hug her
(don't see: 'twilight')

check 'the hunger games' out too
& if you've already read it
let me know what you think
i would love to talk about it :)



very valentine is a series of posts i do
in february as we get closer to valentine's day...
you can see more over here...

happy hearting!


kismet art said...

Emily, I LOVE the Hunger Games series- can't wait to hear how you like them too -maybe on your FB book club:)

Jessi said...

I keep hearing about the Hunger Games - maybe it's time to check it out!

Joanna said...

just read love walked in this weekend on your recommendation. loved it! thanks!