02 February 2011

vv2: very valentine...hearts, hearts, everywhere hearts...

i love hearts
(have i mentioned that already?
a few times, yes...
will i continue to mention that?
for sure :)

& i seem to see them all over the place
& so i take pictures
with my camera
or with my cel phone...

i think of them as little love notes from God
but every time i see one i just hear 'hi em!' in my head :)

there are a couple more here, too...

if you keep your eyes open
i bet you'll start seeing them, too!



very valentine is a series of posts i do
in february as we get closer to valentine's day...
you can see more over here...

happy hearting!


Barbara Jean said...

this is great! I'm sure you are right, and we will all notice them more now.

big hugs


Anonymous said...

here a link that might be right up your alley this week :) http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2011/02/free-font-lovedrops.html

Holly said...

Emily, ever since I read this, I've seen two heart things. And I REALLY wanted to send them to you. But, I don't have your number...

emilyruth said...

email me & i will send you my phone number!
so fun!


Bak said...
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