10 February 2011

my motion picture debut...

dateline: 1998
place: hayward field, eugene, oregon
what: shooting the movie 'without limits'
who: me & 1oo's of other extras

dateline: 2011
place: my computer, netflix.com
what: 'without limits' on instant watch
who: me & miss m ('mom, why do you keep laughing so much?')

oh my goodness!
i'm way too excited about this...
but it was my motion picture debut!
i guess i should be excited :)

when i was in college
(well, not exactly IN college....around college?)
they were shooting the steve prefontaine movie
in my town & asked for extras...
& i went
& they took me
& i got to wear a costume
& i was in a shot with one of the stars
& i got paid!

i saw it in the theater when it came out
& saw myself
but then when it came out on video
one of my friends said that she had rented it
& didn't see me in it
(she said she really looked)
& i was wondering if i had imagined the whole thing!
i kept meaning to rent it & see...
but then never did
but this morning i noticed it on instant
& i started to search...
& i found it!
i didn't imagine it!
there i am!
see me?
in the bottom left hand corner?
i am in two shots...

i used to refer to monica potter as 'my co-star'
(she's the blond in the middle-ish section
& now she's on one of favorite shows 'parenthood')

oh, what a funny funny thing
& the perfect thing to shake up an ordinary day :)

if you happen to own this movie
or have netflix instant
the shots i'm in are at
not that i figured that out by
rewinding it 12 times...

it's actually a pretty good movie
& tom cruise produced it so
he came to the premiere in eugene...

so funny, i feel like i'm in college again...
college age, i mean...

i wonder if any eugenies remember this?
or were in it too?
let me know if you were
i will totally look you up on netflix...

calm down...
it's just a couple of seconds in a movie...

i'm off to polish my pay stub...



Shelley said...

Woohoo! a film star!

Melanie Dawn said...

I always knew I would be with the popular kids!!

Anonymous said...

way fun! See there, I know a movie star ;)