26 November 2009

who wouldn't be?

things to be thankful for?
i've got a few...

i'm thankful for this boy's tenacity
because even though some days when it's not my favorite trait
(like when he asks 'now can i watch scooby doo?'
for the 48th time in a row)
it amazes me how he can put together a whole
lego set in one sitting,
or can make up an entire new civilization of stormtroopers & ogers...
& i know that as he grows it's the thing that's
going to help him get through crazy amounts of homework
& college applications
& i bet it will help him to get the girl, too :)
& so for this boy i am thankful
he teaches me that being focused & having a goal
is important & admirable & really pretty cool :)
i'm thankful for this girl's zest for life!
everything she does, she does with enthusiasm
(fits & tantrums included...go big or go home:)
she sings & dances as she lives her life...
her room is a treasure trove of rainbows & glitter...
& when she gets the urge to draw or paint
watch out.
no surface is safe.
we have gone through so many mr. clean magic erasers
& so much carpet cleaner we could have our own aisle at target
& a big part of me wishes we lived in a house where
she could just have free reign to paint & draw all over the walls...
i do worry that we are stifling her when she gets in trouble
for expressing herself creatively...but maybe that's another blog post
the guilt day post, not the thanksgiving day post :)
& so for this girl i am thankful that she is her full self without apology
(though we are working on the apologizing...believe me.
not for being herself, of course,
but for calling her brother a 'chi-chi head'
(her own made up swear word), yes)
she shows me that anytime is a good time to be you...

i am thankful for this man's ability to just be real...
his yearning to know God, not just hear about him & sing & leave
is so inspiring to me...
he gets up at 5am every wednesday to meet with his group of guys
& study the bible & learn more & discuss & figure things out...
in july his best friend died & he's been struggling
but he's also been working through it
not ignoring it, or stuffing the feelings down because they are difficult.
he has always been very much himself
& can spot a poser from a mile away
& i have always really appreciated that about him
but this year in particular
as he has struggled & asked & wondered & questioned
& said 'if not now, when?'...
& so for this man i am thankful
that he shows me that asking the tough questions doesn't hurt for long
& that just being yourself is better
& that if you want to run a half marathon, do it
even if you're really sick :)

& one more thing i'm thankful for?
a little family that does craft projects together...
i mean really?
could i ask for anything more?

oh & one more...
i'm thankful for you guys
comment or not
it's fun to know you're out there...
& i know you're out there :)

happy thanksgiving, loves!


ps i am thankful for my camera.
i am thankful for my camera.
i am thankful that i have a camera.
even if it is taking blurry shots right now.


Emily said...

Family craft projects? Oh you are so lucky! If my husband ever sat down to paint with us I would probably pass out from shock... but maybe that is why he doesn't. He doesn't want to jeopardize my health.

I'm so glad you have so many things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

jmbmommy said...

Happy turkey day to you! I am thankful for your friendship, all these many years.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

That was a very nice posting. Touching, really and lots to be thankful for.

Amber said...

great post! :D