09 November 2009

hooray for play!

oh what a fun time we had on saturday...
when jill & i started come play:
this sort of day was exactly what we had in mind...
a room full of cool, talented women
excited to make something
(not super concerned about actually finishing it that day :)
yummy food
& projects that inspired creativity & joy...
one thing that we decided along the way was
to ask different people to teach for us
we wanted to have artists that people knew
(lucky for us we know ali :)
& friends who we know are super talented that
we needed our play friends to know about, like michelle...
at some point last year i decided to throw caution to the wind
& ask a super inspiring, super well known,
super i had no idea what she would say girl
to teach for us
so i emailed, miss alicia paulson, of posie gets cozy
& thus began a series of emails & phone calls (fun!)
with someone who is as funny & sweet in person as she is in words on her blog
which up to our lovely, lovely last weekend...

come read about it over here
& see if you can't join us next time...
it was just a fabulous way to spend a day...



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