13 November 2009

shop a little, rest a little


i'm organizing a little sale...
because what's the point of
having a holiday season that's
calm & quiet?
maybe someday i will find out,
but not this year...

& actually i'm working on another party/class/sale right now, too
& i will let you know about it really soon!
i've got a few things going...

& even though i'm making it sound
maybe like i would rather not be doing this
or it's too much
on the list of things i would love to spend my days doing,
planning & organizing events & parties
would be right behind
hanging out with my family & friends...
i loooooove to plan :)

& coincidentally
i get to hang out with some friends this weekend
this little group
is headed to sea...
ahhh la mer,
to cast our nets into the waves & bring in our dinner...
we are going to the coast
to laze around
& eat whatever the heck is within arms reach.

thank you, jesus, for friends to be yourself with
& husbands who are happy (& willing)
to have a weekend alone with the 22 kids
(that's total, not each :)
for proof check this post

see you soon...
& maybe sooner if someone has a laptop.
i haven't even checked...
might be unplugged all weekend
wonder how that feels...


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