24 November 2009

let the river run...

on saturday morning we bundled up
packed up the signs we had secretly drawn
& made our way down to the race course
that circled the willamette river
to watch this guy run his first half marathon...
check him out!
mile 7 & all smiles & handsomeness!
you would have never known that the two days
previous he had been sick in bed, ill & sleeping through the days
(one day he said 'i'm not feeling well, i'm going to go rest'
to which Q replied 'rest in peace!'
ha ha! hope not!)
but before the illness fell upon him he had been training...
reading & eating the right stuff
& training so faithfully with his friend, todd
(who does 50K's. yes, you read that right)
& so he wasn't about to let a little bug keep him from
finishing his first half marathon...
& he did it!
& he finished!
& he did great
& though he felt awful later in the day
it was tempered by the fact that he had run his first half marathon!
(& the ducks crazy-amazing win later that night
helped things out a bit, too:)
great job, buddy!
you're so awesome...


ps we also got to see my friend heather who did the half
& angie & erin who did the 10K...nice going girlies!
you rock!

(& angie, the title of this post was chosen expressly for you...
belt it, sister :)


jmbmommy said...

great pics of the fantastic event!! hooray for you guys!

Shelby said...

OMGoodness, what a great post, Em! And those are incredible photos! The whole deal, it's what family is all about... And congrats, Bri-- what a feat. You guys are incredible!

Liz said...

Thats awesome. I love those secret signs!