04 November 2009

not playing...

i've been hearing & reading & thinking so much
lately about just being yourself
breaking down the little walls
that we so easily build up
hiding who we really are behind smiles
& pearl necklaces
so that we can look like we've got it all together
& love to wear our pearl necklaces
& then we look at each other
& think that everyone else has it all together
& loves their pearl necklaces
so we just keep pretending to have it all together
while we choke on our pearl necklaces...

well, guess what?
i don't have it all together
& while a pearl necklace would be just fine
some days i want to wear one with daisies on it
& some days i don't want to wear one at all...
& that is really just fine...

it's hard to pretend like you have it all together
very tiring
& i wish it was easier to be honest about how
we are really feeling...
the balance is so hard
because i don't want to always paint on a smile
but i also don't want to be that person that
people are like
'uh oh
look out for her
she tells you how she REALLY FEELS'
or maybe i do...

i read from this great book
by brennan manning each morning
& last week the page was about no more games
& just being open to being honest
& of course i had to make a 'no more games' game board...

so grab your friends
grab some snacks
grab the dice
& roll it...
you never know
those pearl necklaces might just fall right off...



Amber said...

very cute! we got a game sort of like this when I was younger that was all about sharing stories and feelings, of course we made fun of it when we were teenagers but it would be fun to play with a bunch of girlfriends, or your spouse, I wish I could remember what it was called!

jmbmommy said...

i like you...everyone is crawling on me, so that is all I can write!

Dawnslivn4Jesus said...

I love you
I want you to be that person.
That person is whoever you want to be.
When you are someone other than who you want to be I will love you anyway.
I want you to know,(just like being married and having an "off" date) heehee, that I won't sneak out before
the sun rises.
I am here through it all. Off and on.
xoxo my beautiful friend

Angie said...



can i play it with you?

Jeanneoli said...

That is what I love about TRUE girlfriends!!! Great post and that game would be fun to play:-)

enjoying the journey said...

You are wonderful! Great Post!

the neills said...

thanx emily...God keeps putting this very thing on my heart and reshaping me w/ Him at my center thru this tough time of mine...anyway...it just reaffirmed all that He's been telling me. So thanx. :)

Anonymous said...

Very well said!!