28 April 2008

that's why.

i have finally come to the realization
that 'because i said so' is a perfectly legitimate
answer to the question 'why?' that
so easily flows from the lips of my little elf these days...
i never really said it before
maybe because he didn't question every request i made before...
maybe because i bought into the years of hearing that
it's not a good answer to give kids when their curious minds
just want to know how the world works...
maybe i made a silent promise to myself that i wouldn't ever say it...
just maybe...
who knows?
& who cares, really?

'because i said so' is a good answer
maybe not to some questions
like 'where is the rake?'
or 'why is that bunny doing that to the other bunny'
i mean really
that doesn't
even make sense...

but i know i thought that it was just a last resort answer
because you were so tired of the 'why why why?'
but now that i am wiser & older
older anyway
i know that it is a plea
a plea disguised
it is a plea to respect your parent
& just trust that i have a reason for the insane request
that you stop singing jingle bells at the top of your lungs
or to wear shoes when we walk over
the pile of broken glass that
we are collecting in the back yard...

because, of course
the most important word in the sentence is 'i'
as in me
as in your mother
as in the person who
one time
when you were about 8 months old
& puking your guts out every hour or so
held you, your little face on my shoulder
as you oh so delicately barfed right down the back of my shirt
& did not drop you
or even cringe
(well, maybe i cringed a little)
so as not to wake you up
& your dad was not here
so i sat with you on me
in my horrible terrible no good very stinky shirt
for about an hour
so that you could sleep.
yeah that me.

because it's not always the actual act that is the issue...
would i prefer that every piece of pasta in the house wasn't in the bathtub?
would my sheets look better if they didn't have marker on them?
would we have been able to resell the diaper champ if you hadn't written all over it with an orange sharpie?
but in the end
i really just want you to trust me, okay?
there's nothing i'm going to do to you that
a very talented therapist can't undo in about twenty years...

& so dear citizens
i leave you with this one thought:
'because i said so' rocks
(let's make t-shirts)


& now here's a picture of the cute elf
because i feel guilty
(i'll have a post about that 'because phrase' soon...
it will be a two parter
that's for darn sure)


jmbmommy said...

I TOTALLY agree...it is a mommy priviledge. And I have found that if they want to buy everything in the store...I say "No, honey, not today." and they say "WHY?" I say "Because I am a really mean mommy" with a smile of course, and then they smile too, because they know that we mommies aren't mean.

Anonymous said...

Why is just a word to four year olds. They have
learned that it gets your attention.
You are a good mommy.
Because I said so.
And Grandma's are usually right.

Anna said...

i'm so glad you have a grandma! and she's right you know...and at least there is only ONE question being thrown at you...wait until they turn 5 :) then its, why AND how...how come? how many? how much? how do you know? and you get to say "i said so" all over again!
by the way, it's nice to see your face (the picture on the blog page).

emmi said...

I love cliches. They're cliches for a reason. There has to be some validity or ease about them. Plus they can be very funny. My current favorite is "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!" Moms say them for a reason and I am proud that you are not breaking with tradition.

On another note, when do you find time to curl Q's lashes?;) Maybe it's Maybelline.

Angie said...





: )

Jamie said...

All I have to say is "Wow! Q's hair grows fast!" :) Oh, and I love the words of wisdom. xoxo