17 April 2008

nobody does it better...

in the last half hour i have...
laughed out loud
laughed to myself
thought 'oh my gosh...i can't believe he just said that'
teared up
thought 'what an idiot!'
rolled my eyes
& thought 'has any tv couple ever been cuter than pam & jim?'

& that
my dear friends
is the genius
that is
the office


now go watch it...

ps i teared up twice actually
(spoiler alert!)
when kevin talked about breaking up
& that the parking space thing made him feel better
very cute...
& when jim said that
he bought the ring after they had been dating for a week...
i have to say the other part of the genius is
that pam & jim have no drama
they are just like a normal fun couple who like each other...
you love them
& you want to invite them over for a dinner party
as long as it's nothing like the dinner party at jan & michael's house

'bye-bye miss chair model lady'


Angie said...

Oh yes.
I too love the Office.
And there were so many great moments last night that I'm glad I taped it so Ben can watch it later (and so I can watch it again with him).

Kel said...

Drinkin whiskey and rye...why'd you have to go and die!!!!! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! So good!!!

"Pam.....will you wait for me while I tie my shoe?"
Love it so much!

jmbmommy said...

yes...so classic...
I was so uncomfortable at the dinner party last week, but I liked when angela smashed her ice cream in to the side of the car...it was so random!
This show is so funny that I cry EVERY week!