12 April 2008

you're not a loser...you're just not a winner

well, except for three of you...
yep that's right

the random drawing
& the winner of
the crazy fun prize pack
is janna!
go janna!

& the caption prize is a tie...
yes i know
can you say cop out?
but i have such a hard time choosing
i just want everyone to like me...

so the one that made me laugh was
'stupid cake'
& the reason being that
i'm quite sure that is almost exactly what he was thinking...
he was having a B-A-D bad day
a sad, three year old hard day
& then miss m gets a cake?
stupid cake!
nice job angie!
i did laugh, yes i did

the third winner is because
after i read hers
i had to go look at the picture again
because even though that was his mad face
it really did look like he was thinking
'what smells like bunny farts?'
the boy's got the nose wrinkle down...
nice one kimberly!
email me your email & your address
& i will send you a little pack of fun:)
(i love it when people write their emails like that
spam be gone!)

i know how to deliver the other ones, j & a
so look out for a box on your porch

hey, thanks to everyone
who stopped by
it was so fun to read your comments
you're a great bunch of kids


ps i did not make that cake
my standard line
if someone asks if i made anything edible is
'i made it...look cute on the plate...after i bought it from the store'
my talented sister in law, susan made it
& it was for easter
but we came in from the south
& we comandeered that cake
yes we did
we said
'we are the gulkas
the mighty mighty gulkas
every where we go
people wanna know
who we are
so we tell them...'
& then they all said
'you are dorks
we are gulkas too
stop singing
& we will put two candles on the bunny cake!'

thanks, susan!
you are a gem:)

pps i loved the kids comments!
that was really fun...
thanks, moms:)


Colleen said...

"I made it ... look cute on the plate ... after I bought it from the store" - that is truly awesome and a line that must go into my arsenal of perfect things to say in the moment. (If you're wondering ... there aren't too many things in that arsenal. The arsenal's rather empty in fact. And heehee, every time I write arsenal it makes me giggle.)

P.S. ARSEnal.

Angie said...

This thing is rigged!! I demand a recount!!!

What's that you say?
I won?

Oh, I won!
Woo hoo!