04 April 2008

a rannucula by any other name...

i have so much to tell you!
& that is why i chose right now
when i have approximately three minutes to post...
i will just mention two things for you to go check out
& then i will be back tomorrow
with information
(yes you read that right)
& honey bunches of oats

'til then
start your mouses...

this book
goodness gracious
it is wonderful

this artist & her blog
her art is what i want all over our house
oh i love it!
go! go!

see you tomorrow!
or sunday
well, someday this week
whenever you stop by is fine...
i'll be here



The Lydia said...

Oh, Emily, just having you as a friend is prize enough for me!! haha! that was the cheesiest thing I've said all day!! but, seriously, you're really amazing. What's my prize?

jmbmommy said...

Let's just say I have been waiting for this book for oodles of days and I just spent a rainy weekend at the coast and upon return my SWEET SWEET husband sez "Oh my gosh I totally forgot to tell you that, that book you had been waiting for...it came and I stuck it in my laptop bag and I forgot to give it to you..."
Yes, and now he is gone on a trip and I don't know if he ever took it out of that blasted bag!@!!!!

sarah ahearn bellemare said...

hi there-
thanks so much for mentioning me! i am really enjoying your blog! happy spring!