07 April 2008

for entertainment only...not investment purposes

in honor of this, my 201st post
i'm having a contest!
thousands will enter
two will win
okay hundreds will enter
two will win
more than one?
come on people give me something...

two ways to win...
leave a comment
that's it
leave a comment
i know!
i ask a lot when i give stuff away

write a caption or title
to the picture above that will probably get me in trouble
when & if mr. Q ever reads this much of my blog
& i say this with all the love in my heart
it's totally worth it!
& come on
it's not like he's naked!
or watching 'big brother'
now THAT would be embarrassing...

you only have to enter once
the first drawing will be totally random
so if you leave a caption you could win the first one.
the second prize package
(yes i said package)
will be the best caption
as chosen by none other than me...
if i laugh out loud that's a plus
& if i snort you're pretty much a shoe-in...

the prizes
the random drawing winner will receive
a box filled to the brim
(or at least half way)
with my favorite things:
raindrops on roses
& whiskers on kittens
& sleigh bells
& warm woolen mittens
oh wait
those are
fraulein maria's favorite things...
i was wondering how i was going to get the whiskers off the cat
& what if i was sending the package far away?
wouldn't the raindrops dry up?
plus we need our doorbell...
thank goodness i'm not a fictional character!

MY favorite things:
*a bottle of water
(don't worry it gets better)
*a bag of baked kettle chips
(i promise!)
*a package of my favorite mint hot chocolate mix
*a nutz over chocolate luna bar
(thus ends the edible portion of the prize)
*a great magazine
(this will be case specific...
if you don't have kids i won't send you wondertime.
if you can't name three starlets
who have been in rehab by their first names only
i won't send you US.
if you don't eat i won't send you cooking light.)
*a lovely selection of my favorite crafty supplies
sewy, painty, scrapbooky & otherwise
*a package of baby wipes
(hey! it's my prize
i can include whatever i want!
baby wipes?
are you kidding me?
they are the best thing ever
& not just for baby's bottoms anymore)
*a few other things that i haven't decided on yet

the caption writer will win something great
i can't decide what yet
but it will be great
(yes, i know
but i have too many ideas!
plus i think it will depend on where the person lives...
mystery! suspense!
plus isn't just being nominated an honor?)

so there it is!
have fun!
& let me say, please
that i am so thankful for you guys!
it is so fun to read all of your comments
& get your feedback on important topics
like what to do with my bread crusts...
you have made me laugh & smile & tear up:)
& it has been so fun to click on your names & go read your blogs
some of which haven't been updated lately
(hint, hint)
& some of you have been here since the beginning
& that deserves a prize in itself
plus overlooking my non-capitalization
& wretched spelling
& constant use of smiley faces...
oh go ahead everybody!
get yourself a glass of water on me!

the contest ends on friday
maybe saturday
depending on what happens on friday...

now get cracking!



Angie said...

It is too early in the morning for witty captions, but I do want to point out the crouton theme running between our blogs! How interesting!
Your blog always makes me laugh and I am grateful for it and for you!
Love you!

jmbmommy said...

I just wanted to tell you that yes...it is too early to caption...but that is not saying that I won't(I love prizes.) You are a great chick and your funny take on the world makes me feel like I am one of many who choose to see the lemonade instead of the lemon in life...thanks!!

Angie said...

Now that I've had my coffee (just kidding, you know I'm a tea girl!)

[insert cute pic of M and Q here and insert the following caption:]

"stupid cake"

CarrieM said...

I am enjoying your blog. . . used to live in Eugene, moved a little north, and I am enjoying the vicarious Emerald parenting.

As for the caption?
'For some, the terrible twos is just the beginning.'


Caption "Come on robot let's explode her cake with our mind powers!"

kari said...

Here's a caption for ya (spoken by my 5 year old daughter) "uhhh....coconut?"

Thanks for the contest!

Camille said...

Hey hey Emily!
I too will come up with something caption-wise later....
As for the here & now, thanks for always, always making me smile and even chortle (yes chortle, somewhat like a chuckle?) through your blog!!
= )

Anonymous said...

*this is emily
& this is an email i got from my grandma*

Drat it all I just can't come up with a password your blog accepts so
here goes my comment to you personally.
I look forward to reading all the witty comments from your fellow bloggers
and friends. They are such fun.
After 2 cups of decaf coffee my caption today is
"It's always about HER"
That is a really cute picture and I'm sure you will see that look many times
in the next 50 years.
Love, Grandma
(then another email a few minutes later)
Oh, wait - I'm not entering the contest.
I'm not trying for a prize, thank you very much.

*oh how i love her*

kimberly said...

Great photo- I am sad to say that the first thing that came to mind was this:

"What smells like Bunny farts?"

I would like to think it is because I have been hanging out in my 6 year old boys Kindergarten classroom too much... but no, I think it is just me.

Great cake by the way, my mom used to make me the coolest animal cakes.

Courtney said...

Ok, I think the comment above mine is the funniest so far, but I would say "What is that?" would make a good caption. That's what it looks like he is thinking. Sorry I'm not more entertaining!

shari said...

Hey darlin....I've been studying photo composition lately and I'm pretty sure this one says

"Holy crap...looks like mom's been hittin' the juice again"

i love your crazy ramblings!!! i hope your reading this in your pj's laughing your tail feathers off...cause I wanna WIN!!!! Hee Hee

Camille said...

Title for the post:

"What the??????"

Kel said...

Since everyone has commented on what Q is thinking...which by the way has been hilarious...I will comment on Miss M...

"Look away from the light!!!!!"

That is one of the greatest pics I have seen so far on your blog. My other favorite was on the stairs with their default faces. That was awesome!

And since I have already won the best prize ever, I do not expect to win this one. BTW- still using stuff from my prize. love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily! I'm so glad you told me about this contest and about this other site of yours! Way cool! You are one of the most creative people I know!

I can't top the other people's captions right now! I guess I need a dose of creativity at this moment!!! ha!

But I am hoping to win the random drawing! I need baby wipes! I also use them for more than bottoms since we don't use diapers around here no mo'. Pick me! Pick me! Janna Where's the icons on this thing? I NEED icons! LOL

Niella said...

Hahaha! I love your blogging & creativity:) That photo cracks me up! The first thing I thought for the caption was..


BTW, keep up the fun!


emmi said...

So rather than venture to think of something myself, partially because my brain goes to stinky stuff and that's been done, I decided to enlist the kiddos who are always funny; but this time I must admit was not their best. Nonetheless, here is goes.

Tate looked at the picture and just said, "Hot. HOOOTTT!"

Mia thought and thought for this little gem. (OK, I being factious but here it is anyway.) "A bunny...on frosting!?" Obviously I am not the super creative mom who is making the animal cakes. Always something to strive for though.

The picture is hilarious without a caption. Have you asked Q what he was thinking? I want to know if he remembers.

BTW, for his birthday party I think you, B and anyone else in your family should take a picture standing behind Q with the cake and making the same face. It would funny. OK, maybe not to some, but to me it would be priceless. (Not that you have to do it for me.)

Lastly, I'll be calling soon because we're planning a visit. We'd love to see y'all and Angie and maybe even jmbmommy, if you're up for it!


Camille said...

So what was really going on in this picture? I'm very curious.... why was he making that awesome face? And lil' miss is looking at what almost appears to be the same thing he is looking at.
Were they trick candles, sparking back to life??

jmbmommy said...

Rats why am I so slow...or so out of touch?? What day is today? I thought of 2 good captions last night and well...day late and a dollar short. At least I got to see you in person...the best prize in all of blogdom! I like stupid cake too...because it is a "bad" word!! Hee hee