01 May 2008


some of you may know
that one of my favorite bloggers is tara whitney
she is funny
& colorful
& such an amazing photographer...

she has started a new little thing
one project a month
& you can join right in...
just choose one project in your house
(fun or otherwise)
that you have been putting off
& commit to doing it this month...
post some pictures of the before
on your blog
or on your fridge
or on your front door...
then break the project down into manageable bits
& go for it!
then post your redo pics at the end of the month
or whenever you finish the job...
you can even post a link on tara's blog
& look at others projects...
very fun

for my may opam
i have chosen the kid's bathroom...
i have had ideas for it in my head since we moved in
almost exactly four years ago
(Q was three weeks old...
can you say crazy?
although no one really let me do too much
having a newborn & all
so maybe not too crazy actually...)
& even though i have an idea in my head
& could describe it in full detail
the elfins bathroom continues to look like this

& this
& this

& yes
that was a sombrero on the toilet
we really fiesta right around here...

what i would like to do
is make it really fun & colorful
with some frames
& other stuff

& happily we have lots of frames & other stuff
in our house
so i am so set:)

hope you might play along too...
we can do it!



Angie said...

I love love love this!
I have a little fear of commitment right at this very moment, but soon you might just see my "before" pictures on my blog!
And I can't wait to see your "after" pictures!!!


OLE! I think the sombero should be your theme! think of all the amazing colors you can get from a good old fashioned cinco de mayo party! And all sorts of party supplies will be on sale tomorrow! think of the fun! Salsa!