26 March 2008

seems appropriate to quote louis armstrong...

the drive has been made
the biggest tantrum ever has been thrown
the most fast food i ever want to eat has been digested
the hotel room is paid for
the photos have been taken
the project is well under way

the boys are at the pool
the girlie is napping
the laptop is on
the wireless is working
the curtain is open
the snow is falling
the river is rolling

& i think to myself
what a wonderful world....

see you soon...

we will have a little bloggie post birthday celebration
for miss m when i get home
& can muster the energy to go through the pictures
& let me tell you
it will be good...
i have a picture that will go down in the Q files
until the end of time
loosely titled
'why couldn't i be an only child?'

those glasses on the last post are from value village
they are not my grandma's glasses
nor are they mine
mine were red
thank you very much, jmb mommy...
& i will be holding off on pictures of those
maybe longer...


Sarah said...

happy vacation!! have fun!! (and my grandma seriously did have glasses that big...looked just like that....!!)

jmbmommy said...

hee hee...I am glad that you wrote, I too will have a birthday post, just as soon as I recover from 2 holidays in two days...don't you wuv 2??


I think I have stayed at that hotel...have a great time! I can't wait to hear about the birthday!!!