16 January 2008

i gotta go wii...

(have you ever seen that camp skit?
'i gotta go wee'?
click on that link to read a descrpition of it
thanks scout troop 325!)

so monday night
i joined three of my favorite mommies
for lots of talking
& bonding
& just getting to the heart of
what it's like to be
a mom
& a wife
& just a woman in the 2000's...
oh, who am i kidding?
we played wii

we made our own little guys
(i can't remember what they are called)
& then we played!
bowling=i stink
(just like in real life!)
tennis=i'm below average
(just like in real life!)
golf=i won
(just like in real life!
ummm, no)

it was really fun
& i highly recommend it
but i am pretty glad that we don't have one
because if we did this would be
my last blog post
& dinner would always be chips & salsa
& we would all learn to love every stitch of our clothing
because we would only do laundry when everything was dirty
& even then i'm sure we would say
'oh that shirt?
you only wore that once!
& plus it smells like salsa!
your turn to bowl!'
(click here to see a couple golfing
...you will not be sorry)

thanks for sharing, miss angie:)

i finally gave my girls their
new year

(if you want to see them bigger just give them a click)

i had so much fun making these little houses
that i decided to see if any of you would
want me to make one for you
& your family
or your friend's family
or your favorite grocery clerk's family...
& with that i announce
that i now have an etsy shop
i've had it for a bit
& i wanted to see how it went
before i showed it to you, my friends...
& sunday i sold my first item
so that gave me a bit of confidence
(thank you girl in north carolina for that!)
check it out
let me know what you think
& i will be adding stuff to it
every now & again...
hopefully a little valentine love
will be there soon...
& if you want a little house
you can order it there with paypal...

happy days to you...

ps hey emmi!
as i wrote this i was listening to an
interview with dave grohl
& they keep playing parts of nirvana songs
& my mind just goes back to high school...
i'm so happy
cause today
i found my friends
they're in my head...


emmi said...

Your houses are so fun! I love the idea. Maybe I'll buy one from Etsy and be your second customer.

On the whole Wii note, I love it and am glad we do not own one because I would forget I have kids. It is so addicting.

I thought of you last week when listening to Been Caught Stealin' in the car. I sang along, but then I felt guilty because stealing or stealin' is wrong, very wrong in mommyland and in any other land. Kind of funny how things change.

jmbmommy said...

Ha ha...that girl makes me laugh...
Anyway, back to you...toot-toot, way to do the ETSY thing and the stuff looks great!! Are you an inspiration or what?

Wii rocks...I think that S. and I would play fishing and cow racing all night long...you should try it with Q... Super fun.

jmbmommy said...

Cute houses...
Very cute!

The Lydia said...

The little Wii guys are called Miis. I know this because I have like 27 on my Wii. Any time someone comes over and we bowl or box or golf I force them to make a Mii. It's really fun. Truly an addicting pastime. Luckily I've developed great disipline in number of hours spent playing video games or I would be the woman you described who smells like salsa.
Hey, you wanna come over and play Wii?

Left Coast Sister said...

Etsy stuff is great great! I'm sure North carolina is enjoying it as well!
As for the Wii... I don't get it. I don't get video games at all. Sigh. Other things absolutely absorb me, but the wii, not so much.
Happy golfing though. You'll be pleased to know that just because I'm not wii-ing, doesn't mean I'll be doing anything magnificent with my time. Unlike you, who does.

Angie said...

See what happens when I don't check your blog for a week? I miss out on all this fun stuff about us! I truly truly truly love my artsy house, and everyone who comes to my real house sees my artsy house and admires it, which is really helpful because my real house is usually very messy and not really artsy at all, so ... thanks for that!
And it's really fun to see your Mii on our Wii every time we go to play. The really great thing about the Wii though is that even though our clothes are all dirty and smell like salsa and we haven't eaten a regular meal since 2007, our family has a lot of fun playing all sorts of silly games together and the kids are learning to take turns and share better than they ever have before! (end of Wii commercial)
What did the lady from North Carolina buy?