29 January 2008

mom! dad! guess what?!?

it snowed!
it snowed!
it snowed!

saturday night we went to bed
& sunday morning when we woke up there was snow!
& it snowed all day
& we went out in it three times that day
all three ending in tears by our mr Q
cold & tired was he
but give him a couple hours, a couch, chocolate milk & his blankie
& he's ready for action again...

miss m of course
can't leave the house with out
at least one dolly
& a back pack full of treasures

(look at how hard the snow was coming down)

& there were the usual snow traditions
a new friend...

& some car trouble...all in all a great snow day...
in the end we had five inches!
that's huge for us!

no school monday
(we had a pretty happy teacher when they announced it sunday night:)

& the best part for me today?
it is practically all melted!
i love the snow
but only a day or two...

i know that some of you out there
have so much snow
that you just throw your full soda cans out the door
& two minutes later
they are nice & cold
(hi colleen!
i can't believe you were at -43°C!)
(if you want to see
some beautiful snow pictures
click on colleen's name
really breathtaking stuff)
but i love every season
& weather situation in small doses
(except rain...
keep that coming)

happy melty snow day to you!


emmi said...

Yeah! I am glad you posted snow pictures. Our "snow" was little more than a thin sheet of slush, so I was jealous to hear about all of yours. I am glad you and your kiddos got to enjoy it.

jmbmommy said...

I feel the same way as you...yesterday I was thinking....MELT MELT MELT...YOU ARE NOW SLUSHY MUDDY AND NOT PRETTY....MELT! But we did like it on Sunday, we did. Sorry we missed you today!


LOVE IT...my hubby is still jealous. Ours melted within 1 day.

Colleen said...

How did I miss this post??? Oh yeah, I think I was away. In fact I think I was on my way to see you. Well, Oregon anyway.) But even though it's WAY after the fact. YAY SNOW! Although now it's just about spring and I want to shout YAY DAFFODILS! Except that there is still snow and it was -32C this morning but ne'ertheless YAY SNOW! (It's that or cry.) ANYhoo. I love your snowman. And you are right about the soda cans and I love rain too and thank you for your pretty words and I'm glad it melted (the snow, not the words) and that is all. :)