22 January 2008

Mr Q: in his own words

you're the cutest girl in the whole world

to the tune of 'wheels on the bus')
cleaning up your room is cool & nice
cool & nice
cool & nice
cleaning up your room is cool & nice
cool & nice
(thank you jesus for giving me
a child unlike myself...)

i think we need to take merra back
& get a nice sister
i'm just kidding you!
(true she is not always kind
but so glad he was kidding:)

you know,
some people in this city
don't have pets...
(yes sweetie
& you are one of them...)

(watching clifford
the one where the kids talk about
what they want to be when they grow up
& charlie says he wants to be a karate teacher
& jetta says that he can't be a karate teacher
that jetta...)
Q: or you can teach kids how to read, like daddy does

me: that's true. is that what you would like
to do when you grow up?

Q: no, i think i would like
to go in to really messy rooms
& vacuum them all up
i think that would be really fun
(dear son, let me introduce you to your parents room...
let's call it an internship, shall we?)

i love that kid...


i saw juno last night
two words:

more later...



Left Coast Sister said...

Hilarious!! I would say the apple has fallen far from the tree sometimes!! (: So sweet!


Are you sure he is from our family??? That is the cutest thing...considering his love of the garbage truck...I think we have a garbage man in the making!

PS...I think you wanted to give me back several times! Genetic for sure...tell M it will be better in about 20 years!

jmbmommy said...

I LOVED Juno....want to see it more-o.
Like that kid of yours too. The other day S. said "When can we have that friend that I can't remember come over?? That one that I played with the ball?" Yes, I think it was Q...we gotta see ya soon!

Sarah said...

too cute. Maybe I'll rent your kid when I get my new place :) Make sure he doesn't get bored when he runs out of things to clean! heehee!

emmi said...

Oh, you are a lucky one. Do you think he could impart some of his gifts in Mia's direction? I love that you thinks you are the cutest girl in the world. So sweet!

Colleen said...

Are you kidding me??? What a sweet, endearing boy! Such beautiful, adorable things he comes up with. But if I had to throw them all away but one I'd keep that first one forever. Awww, now my ♡'s all woozy.

love.boxes said...

Now that is one awesome son!!!