27 September 2007

celeb in the house...

this was in the paper on monday
that little bubbley munchkin
the one on the left?
that's our own mr.Q!
taken by our own mr. b
(i guess technically he is mr. g as is Q but who's counting?)
so fun...
i did a little kamikaze origami
(that may becaome my new screen name by the way)
because i have no idea how to scan an entire newspaper page
or i think you scan it in pieces
& then put it together in photoshop
or something
doesn't matter
the most important pieces are present...

that bubbley picture
i tell you what
brian got an honorable mention at the county fair for it
& he won a digital camera
in a contest that he entered at
ta da
(maybe i'm coming around, jess)
that little 2 month old face in the bubbles
'um every time...

oh & click on brian's name up there
or right here
he has some new stuff on his site
he's doing senior pictures now
& has some cool wedding stuff going on too...

i myself am going to be doing some kid sessions
with friend's kids
i've been thinking about wanting to do some
mom shoots
like pictures of my friends who are moms
with their kids &
without their kids
because really
when you've got a family
& even if you get a family photo shoot
you're all stressed about who's wearing what
& stop sticking your tongue out
& all that jazz
plus a few fun pictures?
just of you?
when was the last time that happened?
i mean besides the annual trip to glamor shots of course...
also thought it would be fun to plan sessions
with two moms who are friends
& so one mom could watch all of the kids
while i took pictures of the other
& then switcharoo...
just thinking...
always thinking...


The Lydia said...

Oh so FUN!! Those are great pictures of my little K!! She's growing up so fast!! It seems like last month she was just finishing up her freshman year...how wierd is that?
I think you will do AMAZING mama and baby pictures! You are so very creative.
What fun!

Galadriel Thompson said...

What great pictures! You will do a fantastic job! Good luck pretty princess.


I can't beleive that is the same little boy the was flying out of the tree! They get so big so fast! Love it!

Left Coast Sister said...

Let's hook up the next time I'm up north so we can do a little camera clicking!! (: You both have so much talent!!