01 September 2007

it's really just phonetic...

so you know that i refer to my little girlie as miss m
when i blog, right?
is there any real reason for this?
possibly in the beginning
i thought it would protect my little dears privacy
so that no one would try to steal them
or come up to them at the mall
& say 'hey Q...your moms favorite movie is 'the parent trap'
come with me'
& he would skip off because
that is true!
hint 1: i don't go to the mall
hint 2: if you want to steal a childs identity
i'd go with suri cruise or maddox jolie-pitt
cause all you'll get with these little sweeties
is a bag full of too small clothes & some empty popscicle sticks...

so i am now ready to announce
to the 2.3 people who don't already know
because you haven't known me since birth or the 8th grade
that my daughters name is merra
no really it is
& it is pronounced like sarah
but with an m
not mEEra or mAra or mEra
& yes we now know that we have sentenced her to a
a lifetime of this:
teacher: lindsay gearhart
lindsay gearhart: here!
teacher: jacob gilbert
jacob gilbert: here!
teacher: meera? goolka? mara? gluka?
merra (sweet as can be in pigtails & a little plaid jumper):
no it's merra gulka
teacher: mara?
merra: no merra, like sarah but with an m
also like merry christmas but with an a
or like terra cotta but with an m
or like my parents wanted to give me a name that was a little different
but not too crazy
& this is what they ended up with...
teacher: oh dear, we'll make an appointment with the school counselor right away...

back to life
back to reality
the other day i was reading the comics
in our newspaper
& i glanced over at the games page
this is something i never do
why would i want to participate
in something that makes me feel dumb?
just because i don't know
what the capital of turkey is
or how to make 5, 2 & 4 add up to 16
or what hand you play after someone deals a jack
(or however you play bridge)
especially since everything feels so right with the world after i read
baby blues
& zits

but this fateful day i did
i glanced at the jumble
you know
the jumble
they have some goofy little comic
with the first part of a terribley witty pun
& a blank
& you get to fill in the blank by unscrambling
the jumble words to make real words
& then you click your heels together three times
& say 'what am i doing? isn't there some laundry to be folded?'
& the answer appears
or something like that...
the jumble words
all of them are nonsense words
that you make into real words
words like
that you make into CAT
or IH
that you make into HI
first the words are not even words
just crazy mixed up letters
words that no one would even CONSIDER to be a real live word
for example....

my daughters name is a pre-jumble word


coming soon to a blog near you
the true identity of my first born
i know it's a tough one
there are so many options to go with Q

also if you can do the jumble
& fill me in on the end of the joke
something really amazing will happen
go now...


Colleen said...

But oh what a sweet pre-jumble she is. And I like it. Those jumbly-game-paper-people don't know what's what.

emmi said...

I love reading your blog. I think you should consider writing as a fourth or fifth job. (How many do you have? Mom counts!)

As for Merra, I think she and Mia could start a club. She is always being called Maya and what is bizarre is that the name isn't that unique.

Anonymous said...

Well, I haven't unjumbled the jumble words, but the joke's punchline is "from ear to ear"

No, I am not proud that I could just see that without doing the unscrambling, sigh... my brain just works that way. Besides, I can't unscramble Merra- it's Merra! A perfectly wonderful, lovely name for a lovely girl :-)

Anonymous said...

nope-couldn't leave it alone...



jmbmommy said...

what a wonderful nerd friend you have...kuddos!
my Grandpa LOVES the jumble and also the Acrosstic...me? I have a soft spot for the crossword!

Grandma Betty said...

I love your great blogs. They always present me
with something to think about other than aches
and pains.
But really, who couldn't pronounce Merra correctly?
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to be able to
pronounce peoples names correctly - just use your
brains folks. (woops, there goes that soap box

Left Coast Sister said...

I love this post, it makes me want to hug my computer. As for miss M, she has a fabulous name, although you have consigned her to a lifetime of spelling it... my DH and I didn't htink about how many times our #2 would have to spell Brennan in his life... no, not BrenDan, not BrAnDon, Brennan. JUST LIKE IT LOOKS LIKE< PEOPLE!! I'm with grandma, people just need to screw their heads onto their necks!! (:

Angie said...

Love the post, love the comments.

And yes, I love me some Jumble now and again, and I'm going to let you in on a little secret....

Those guys who make the Jumble, they *intentionally* make the scrambled letters look like another word just to try and trick everyone! It's true. And I bet they even thought to themselves, "oooh ooooh! rearrange it to say MERRA because it will really confuse people and they'll never figure out it says REARM because MERRA is like a pretty flower (read: flah-lah) or something...."

Serious. I bet that's what they thought.

Angie said...

And another thing....

Everyone has their little something that they are really good at — some people even have two or three little somethings — and even though they may just be little things, they are so good at it that it becomes a really big thing… and what I'm trying to say is that you have this blog and it's just a nice little blog, but you are really really good at it — just like your art and your scrapbooking (which are really entertwined) and just like your friendship.

Me, I'm good ( or bad, depending how you look at is ) at run-on sentences....

But the point is, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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