24 September 2007

i'd still take the mint hot chocolate, though...

ever have a day
when you just want to
fall into bed
& say
'i give up
someone please bring me a mint hot chocolate from dutch brothers
& then kindly leave me alone'
yep me too
having one of those today in fact
not a bad day per say (is that how you write that?
i was feeling so cool
but now i'm not so sure...)
just so busy
& then my car broke down last night
oh glee!
but as luck & very talented mechanics would have it
they fixed it faster than you can say
'miss m & i walked Q to school
& then walked to albertson's
(where they are having an incredible sale
if you buy 5 boxes of post cereal you get a gallon of milk free
& somehow it ends up costing $7
& then you get a coupon for $2 off your next shopping trip
$5 dollars for all of that)
& then wandered aroung bi-mart
which we will put on the list
'not my favorite store in the world'
& then back to albertson's to use that
$2 off to buy a bit of lunch for little children
who would be riding back in the jogger another 45 minutes
back home because
did i mention that my car broke down last night?'
faster than you can say that
it was fixed...
still a full day
still wanting to crawl in bed
covers over
podcast on
everyone else gone from the house
& then i was browsing through some pictures
because even though i say i want to fall into bed
& i have a window of time to do so
during 'rest time'
i rarely ever do
i just wish & complain that i want to
& as i was browsing
i came across these little gems...
sweet little big girl

real genuine Q smile
(i think merra had just fallen down or spit at him or something
i do learn so very much from having a boy)

& just like that
the spell was broken
i think i can go a few more days...

check out this spotting of a very rarely seen
blue headed Qbird
notice how he dangles from the branch
ever so gracefully
don't startle him
if he sees you he may ask for a matchbox car...



emmi said...

Ditto on everything, only I'll take a coffee with lots of soy milk. It is amazing how quickly kids can deplete you and then fill you up again. They're better than any warm beverage and that is saying a lot in my book.

jmbmommy said...

Me ditto too...is that redundant?? I was just wondering if any of my sweet blogger friends felt this was, or if it was just meo. I should have known better. But sometimes Bi-mart can be fun..I like the plants...and seeing what kinds of weird canned foods they are selling. Also you can see all kinds of gadgets that they have for cars now in the car aisle...then when you pick your car up, you can outfit it with the pink panther/butterfly/skull/gecko seat covers that you are coveting and not even realizing it...yes, cool stuff

ahna said...

Count me in on the coffee - yikes! I gotta have it.
Those smiles on your littles really make everything better.
Smiles and coffee - yup. That pretty much covers it.


That little lady looks more and more like you every day! What a licky girl! I just want to squeeze them!
And count me in for a Starbucks Grande Soy Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce...yum!