15 September 2007

funny they still haven't called....

okay i just need to tell you that
even though i am
*getting back to getting used to brian's regular school schedule
*adding in the preschool schedule
*working for my dad & tam
*doing a special project for passionflower
*helping my friend do fun displays for her new spa
*designing pages for the october cocoa daisy kit
*getting ready for the cocoa daisy class in eugene in october
*cleaning offices & bathrooms twice a week at night until 11:30
*trying to grab an hour or two each week
to sew all of the things floating around my head
*attempting to spend quality time with my little miss m on
m, w & f
even though that two & a half hours during preschool is
the perfect time to do errands with only one kiddo
*neglecting to email back some of my favorite friends
because i want to send a meaningful & well thought out note
(sorry kambria! it's coming i promise!)

even though all of those things
i am thinking of blogging
& confession?
i think in blog quite often
i only wish i could have typed half
of the amazing blogs i come up with in my head
& another confession?
i think i thought in blog long before i ever had one
i would think of kooky little monologs
perfect for when i was interviewed by ellen
or for parade magazine...
third confession?
you are so much better than ellen or parade
(sorry ellen & brady!)
because you talk back!
oh how i love that...
so yes
i am a busy lady
but i'm always thinking of you...
even though...



Colleen said...

You too, hey? I think in blog. I pretend there are people listening. And there kinda are and there kinda aren't. (english?) Not a monologue, a blogologue. I talk and they listen at our convenience. (I reread this and I know what I meant but it sounds like absolute gobbledygook but I won't erase it. Now you know my brain.)

I hope for you a beautiful quiet hour in each day in which you feel the joy of your ordinary tasks.

I love coming here to visit.

Kambria said...

Emily, I miss the days when I could spend time with my little ones at home...so don't you dare feel bad about not having time to write....to the people out there who wouldn't get that....I just want you to know...as a "at one time "semi-stay at home mommy"....I totally get it and love that you get it and take the time to blow bubbles with your kids instead of thinking of whitty things to say to me!

Here's the thing.....remember this.

I don't remember ONE expensive thing the people who loved me when I was little gave me. I remember the stick of gum I got in my birthday card with a crisp dollar bill for every year I was. $6 on my 6th birthday, $7 on my 7th...you get the picture. It's crazy. And those are things your little ones will remember too....

Don't you dare feel bad.....I love you are AMAZING!! Keep up the good work.

jmbmommy said...

wow, to have all that planned, and be able to write it out...yikes! Keep up the good work, maybe we'll see each other soon...but we will blog each other often!

Jamie said...

Take heart Em: With everything that's going on in my life, I can only READ in blog at this point! We are all the better for your page! Heart you!

The Lydia said...

I think I think (haha that's a little redudntant...and repetative...) in journal which is kind of the same as blog, but the difference is that thinking in journal is mostly just for me and thinking in blog is for the whole universe. And OH! if the whole universe knew my thoughts we'd be in trouble! so messy and jumbled and confusing!! AGH!
Anyhow, it seems your life is a teensy weensy bit stressful! Please tell me if I can do anything at all to help you!! If you need somebody to play with sweet M and crazy Q for a little bit so you can take a nap or something (or anything) then I'm your girl!
Love (for you)!

Anna said...

Life is crazy...no doubt.
And then you have kids! Sometimes it feels a little like induced labor-no breaks!
And yes, we have a little bun in the oven! should be done beginning of february and so far, she or he (we won't find out) looks perfect so, i'm feeling blessed in the busyness!
don't work too hard:)

emmi said...

Your ability to tackle all of life's craziness, add more to the pile and then walk around with a smile on your face humbles me.

Galadriel Thompson said...

Such a sweetheart. You are fantastic. Be brave little trooper.

I'm sending you some sweet peaceful mojo and a giant hug your way.