11 September 2007

go pre!

so my dear kambria
i knew if i had a good enough game
i would hear from you again:)
the jumble just wasn't enough i guess:)
you got it, honey pie!
& if i ever give prizes to the other people
who have won my other crazy
guess this & solve that's
you will surely get a prize...
ps please email me...

okay so
he went to preschool
i am stunned that this little buddy went to preschool
i mean i know it's not like he flew off to yale or something
(only 15 years & counting for that...)
but he used to be a little teeny loaf of bread
(or meatloaf as angelina likes to say)
& then he was a toddler who when asked would say
'daddy' in the sweetest voice you ever heard
& then when asked would say 'MAMA!'
in the most loud robotic way you can imagine
(it really was funny)
& then this last year with the
'why? why? why?'s
& finally someone can answer those for him!
thank you mrs. bruce...
happy preschool, bug!
you are awesome!

(just like a coffee shop's open closed sign
cute hmmm?)

('backpack on my back?
why would i do that?')

(circle time...taken through the window in his classoom door...)

more to come about
& antique fairs
& your favorite chicken recipes....



grandma Betty said...

Oh my, he is growing up too fast.
Lucky boy to have Mrs. Bruce.
Amelia had her last year and Claire
has her this year too - only tuesday,
Isn't she lucky too - having so many from
our family. Merra is next.
Love your pictures.

jmbmommy said...

Like the new...
happy autumn to you!!
Hope the Q
is having fun and that you
and Merra are having great gobs of girl time...

almost home, maybe see you soon?

Left Coast Sister said...

Me, too. yikes. our kids are getting old, so that must mean we aren't 20 anymore, right? How'd THAT happen?!

Galadriel Thompson said...

What a momentous day! Such a sweetheart. Good luck with everything:)

emmi said...

Mia started preschool on Thursday and I must admit I was a little bummed. I missed her around the house, especially the conversation. Little Tate's grunts really don't cut it although he is the sweetest thing around.

Give Q a high five from Mia for being a "big kid."

Let us know when you are in town next and visiting South Lake. We have been wanting to visit and it would be a great opportunity to get to see your family too.