19 July 2007

what's up with that...

a list of my life in this past week...

new job...
let me just start this bit out by saying that
i don't want a job
i don't want to work
i don't want to be away from my husband while he is home all summer
& away from my sweeties while they are little
but sometimes you make choices
& you don't think that maybe you will have to
make up for those choices by getting dressed
& kissing everyone goodbye
& going to work to sell things to rich people
but then that is exactly what happens...
that said
i really like my new job
i really like that i have to dress in something
other than the black v-neck t shirt
with cute little crochet trim
i got at jcpenney
(who knew!)
that now has aproximately 5 holes in it
but is so
stinking soft
& comfy that i can not put it in the goodwill bag
(who am i kidding?
goodwill would throw it in their goodwill bag)
i get to wear cute clothes
i HAVE to
it is a requirement
which wasn't the case when i worked at jerry brown's texaco
strangely enough...
& i am even going to sew a skirt for myself
because i think i just might be able to...
where is this magical place you ask?
passionflower in eugene oregon
come see me...

or euphoria
as we like to call it in our family
never a bit of litter
everyone says hi & smiles as you ride your bikes past each other
every house is just so
roads are called things like
duck pond lane
gosling lane
pinebough lane
winners circle
leisure lane
no kidding
we actually stayed on leisure lane
& it was lovely
as sunriver always is...
thanks, dad & tam!

while in sunriver
brian & i took mr Q on a little bike ride
Q in the trailer
& b & i on our own bikes
(in case you wondered
though just once i would love to squeeze in that little trailer
& get pulled around
how blissful does that sound?
well, not the squeezing in part)
we drove down to the horse barn
(of course they have a horse barn)
& they had pony rides
& how could we pass up pony rides?
& we didn't
& oh my goodness he loved it
though you couldn't really tell by his face
Q: (very serious, stoic face looking directly at the back of the horses head)
me: are you having fun, bug?
Q:(turns to me, giant smile, entire face glowing)
(turns back with very serious stoic face looking directly at the back of the horses head )

i love that kid...
pictures will be forthcoming...

more to come...
for some reason
i am tired
even after a relaxing weekend plus...
isn't that the ulitmate irony?
i need a vacation to recover from my vacation
pitiful is more like it...
could you really describe a vacation with a one & three year old
i think it is more like
the same old chaos in a different location
not that i am complaining
not even one bit
i'll take my chaos any place you want to invite us...


jmbmommy said...

oh goody, I wondered what was going on...no post. Congrats on the Passionflower place, and you are doing good good good. Also if you come up with some interesting skirt making...tell me, tell me. I liked the shirt on Angrychicken the other day, made me think that I should try sleeves again.

Left Coast Sister said...

Is Passionflower YOURS?!!!??? If so, I think you should make all kinds of requirements like you have to wear cute clothes and you have to get massages so you aren't stressed at work and you have to have bon bons served to you on your off-days. Just a thought. A great company policy maker in-the-making, that's me.
I'm going to take a sewing class. Should be good for a laugh but do feel free to send me hints as I'm wanting to make a skirt. Can't wait to see yours, alhtough mine will be more crookeder.

Kel said...

Oh so fun! I love Passionflower! You are going to do awesomely!

And by the way you look cute in anything. Even a shirt with holes in it. It's cause you are cute on the inside, silly.

Angie said...

the first time I ever went to sunriver was with you (and dad and tam and everyone). didn't we call it "eutopia" (minus the Marxist part)?

good memories.

I want to come see you at Passionflower. do you sell things only to rich people? maybe you, helpful salesperson that you are, could direct me to the most inexpensive item in the store.

oh, and ditto to what Kel said.