11 July 2007

for the love of trash...

i can't even tell you how much i love this idea...
doubtful you will be seeing them
round my house any time soon
right now we are just trying to afford
plain white trash bags, thank you
maybe i'll get out the paint...
then you'll know why the light is on
in the living room at 2am...
just hanging out
watching reruns of conan
decorating trash bags



Angie said...

This is one of those ideas that make you wonder why no one ever thought of it before.
Do they come in little sizes? Like for the bathroom trash liner?


This is hilarious...when do you see a trach bag? Maybe they can give them to the prisoners on the side of the road...sprice up the Orange vests.

I think in a bathroom would be cute...but then shouldn't the inside be decorated?

It is all very perplexing.

emilyruth said...

i think maybe you have to
spend a lot of time at home
to appreciate this one...
it was made for stay at home moms
& homebodies
we'll take our fashion where we can get it:)