12 July 2007

must make list...

i know lately
(read: past 24 hours)
i have been seeing some really cool stuff
& wanting to share
i know i should just compile it
& make a cute little list
'em's gems'
or something darling like that
but i won't
i'll just do 14 posts a day til i run out...

oh yes
here's another...

this guy takes pictures of abandoned buildings
& outsides
it is all very artsy & cool
i found his site through my most favorite blog right now
posie gets cozy
who is this great girl who lives in portland
& writes about
everything under the sun
old memories
her dog
hanging out
& more
in the sweetest voice you can imagine
she is funny
& real
& goofy
& sweet
& sometimes she gets mad
& even that is sweet & funny

i just love her blog
& i wanted to share...

ps the picture is my favorite right now of my kiddos
it is so them
miss m with her shirt hiked up
& Q with his jack nicholson eyebrows
(don't you think? i'll have to do a side by side comparison someday)
a hint of the cast
little miss getting ready to bolt
& a bit of wacky hair for both...
i love it.



Colleen said...

I absolutely can see the jack comparison!

Your kidlins are all snips and sugar. I love the pictures you take of them. :>

emmi said...

How did you manage to capture both of them looking at the camera? It is such a good picture and I can really see what you are saying about their personalities. Hopefully we can get our little ones together this summer.

Angie said...

em's gems indeed.