02 July 2007

to do: redeem my good name & use links as much as possible...

so i've been accused of being
a blog flirt
a buzz builder
a cartoon villian
(from the evil laugh that left coast sister gave me in the last comments)
& contestant in a reality show involving george clooney & flank steak
(if anyone hears about one like this
please let me know...)

it is time to set the record straight!

i must confess
i was using my blog as a to do list
just not wanting to forget what i wanted to tell you all about
i know, i know
get a note pad, lady!
& then
(oh the nerve!)
i never had the chance to expand on the list
(it just gets worse)
we went on vacation!
& i didn't want to say
'we, the gulka family
who live at 00000 blah blah blah drive
in happytown, oregon
are leaving our house full of matchbox cars
& recycled popsecret boxes
for 5 days
please come take everything'
so i just gave a little 'i'll be back...'
darn me
(yes, dad & tam, that is what i meant)

i am not accusing anyone reading of wanting to
break into our house
& rob us...
just trying to be safe
since i don't use the fabric cart protectors on the kids seat of my shopping cart
i thought i should be cautious in other areas)

on with the circus...

strawberry pickin'...

so we are in this play group
oh it is really a
& in this play group
we have a family who owns a farm
oh the joy!
so in october we do the pumpkin patch
& now in the summer we do
the strawberry patch...
love it.
& it was fun!

no matter that after we paid for our strawberries
& Q wanted to put his little container in a brown paper bag
& then he proceeded to swing the bag
to & fro
& then when we had to leave got mad
& flung the now squishy berries
onto the new deck of the henderson home
causing the bag to burst
& squishy berries to go everywhere
much screaming
& punishing ensued
(screaming by him
punishing by me,
just to be clear.
though i must say as i was cleaning
up strawberry goo
& making him help clean
i was feeling a bit punished
& wanted to scream more than once)
no matter...
strawberry picking=fun

& if you are in the lane county area
& want to go strawberry picking
head over to thistledown farm on river road in eugene
(& you thought this was an ad free blog...)

flank steak...

for brian's birthday
all he really wanted was flank steak at my parent's house
& that is what he got
now i will admit
that i have no idea what part of the cow the flank is
it sounds familiar
& i keep trying to conjur up the picture
of the divided up cow from the hebrew national commercial
('we answer to a higher power'
more advertising!)
& i think that it must come from the 'good' part of the cow...
who knew that 15 years later i would be wishing i had been in FFA
instead of FBLA?
life is funny that way...
flank steak
two words
(thanks, dad & tam)
(i figure if i mention you often enough
you will start commenting)

water fountains...
otherwise known as
'i carry my camera almost everywhere
& on the one day i don't
we end up playing
in the coolest water fountain in corvallis
both kids soaked
& happy as sunshine'
oh well...
still fun as all get out

sewing up a storm...
so i had put my sewing machine away for a while
i was sad but knew that it was the right thing
(i answer to a higher power too:)
i was just too busy
& the little quilts & such were heaping guilt upon my shoulders
& God knows what every mom needs is more guilt
so away it went
into the cupboard
& then suddenly my schedule freed up
(see post dated may 29 titled (sigh)
subtitled 'i now have time to sleep')
so i've been plaing around
with some fun stuff
kiddo aprons
baby quilts
other things...
tease tease tease!
pictures will be forthcoming
really they will!
during the time that i was not sewing
a few babies were born
& it killed me to not make little blankets for them
(& to be honest i go in spurts
BIG spurts
so like for example
kelly's little guy
he was not born in the non sewing time
just in a 'oh i want to make something for henry
but when can i?
& what will i do?
& oh no now he is too old for a baby blankie'
but i have some fun ideas for belated
'you were just born' gifts
(i guess those are otherwise known as birthday presents...)
i do tease.
just wait for it

george clooney...

don't we all begin & end with george?
well, okay...
around a month ago or so my dearest friend
of 19 years
(except for the few months when we weren't)
called me & asked me go see ocean's 13
during the day.
without children.
oh the joy!
& we did
& it was good.
& george was handsome
& funny
& smooth.
& so was angie!
okay she was cute funny & smooth..
& we reminiced about the movies we had seen together
well actually we reminiced about the movie theaters that we had been to together
we got to go to the new regal cinemas at valley river center
(will the shameless ad hocking never end?)
(or is it hawking?)
we had been to many movies at the old regal
(behind mucho gusto)
& before that at the theater that was where the olive garden is now
hello old school...
thanks ang!
loved it!
& you:)

now i must go before there is more shameless plugging...
i'm off to target in my old navy & nike shoes...


note to lcs:
there will be an FBLA post coming soon
oh yes there will
hopefully with pictures
& as former FBLA president i expect some lengthy comments from you, missy!

pps note to jmb mommy:
thank you for your help with links
i think i like them...
i still can't figure out a banner
but i am super duper thankful for your help...


Angie said...

Man, I really was hoping for that reality show....
Fun post, Em.

Kel said...

good gravy davy!
you have been busy!
much love to you and your family- much much love and smiles.

jmbmommy said...

I like how it was posted @ 4 in the morning... cuckoo girl. WOW, you do like links...glad that they work for you....I want to see what you have been sewing...I miss my sewing room, that sister of mine is ALL over the place.
Someday, sniff

erin said...

yippee - you're back! :)
funny, funny, funny girl!

Left Coast Sister said...

Whew. I'd comment on every topic but my comment would be as long as your post. Consider your good name redeemed. And great links, especially the one to a certain left coaster. ha ha.

Left Coast Sister said...

One PS and then I'll go! This former FBLA president you mention was so involved she didn't even go to all the meetings, you might remember! Hmm. the level of committment was outrageous, but I got to go to state for it.

emmi said...

You, my love, are a crazy, crazy lady who has a mind that will not stop. I feel like I am reading Falkner, but much better (in my humble opinion.) By the way, I totally agree on the FFA/FBLA thing. (Those jackets were really cool too!)

Colleen said...

Oh Emily Ruth, you really do take sweet photos.