20 March 2007

101 & counting...

oh you thought i had cursed myself didn't you?
that re running that post about starting a blog
& then not actually starting it until 6 months later
had come back to haunt me!
but no!
i am stronger than that!
i can not be held down by something that happened 2 years ago!
& now i will stop talking about it
so as not to invite bad luck...

okay so i am a text messager
i am.
& to tell you the truth
i think that brian & i having cel phones has improved our marriage
i could never call him at work
like other wives can
(whether their husbands like it or not
so i hear:)
because i would be interupting math or earth science
or something 'important' like that...
but with the text...
he texts me during his break
& i text back at my leisure
(you know i have oodles of leisure time...)
& we just do that all day
it is fab
it really is...
so anyway
for you non texters
when you do it
you use the letters on each number
to spell your words
& you hit the number 1,2,3 or 4 times depending on what letter you want
okay everybody get out your phones...
so for a c you hit 2 three times
for m you hit 6 one time
& so on
so as i have been doing it so much
(by the way my whole family is so into it
my step kmom tam texts everyone on every leg of her flights
'in honalulu i love you'
'just landed in chicago. i love you'
'plane just rerouted because there is a crazy woman on board. i love you'
that last one is true by the way...)
i have taken to noticing when a word is spelled by hitting different buttons
the same amount of times
for example
the word FOR
you hit 3-6 & 7 each 3 times to spell it...
i call them texties
also BE 2&3 two times each
the best one i figured out so far is COLOR
26567 three times each
this is a real blog
i have just spent 32 lines explaining this.
life is good:)


i love this age for both of them together
they can play
& they laugh at each other so much
oh i love it!
this sin't the best picture
but i love how you can tell they are interacting
(& yes they are playing with a piece of curly ribbon
that they found on a gym floor
not the most educational toy i agree
but they were playing with it together
& if it had wrapped around one of their fingers & cut off the circulation
yes that would have been sad
but they would have done it TOGETHER:)
(that last bit was a little too doocish, wasn't it rach?)

saving you some money...
my friend tiffany has this great blog
where she tells you all about which coupons to clip
& how to save jillions of dollars
she was telling me about this one coupon where you buy 2 bottles of gasX
& then you get free salad in a bag & free dressing
who would know this?
tiffany knows!
so go check it out...
i for one am very excited to buy 2, 4 or 6 bottles of gasX
you just can't ever get too many strange looks from a grocery checker...

have a lovely day...


Jamie said...

Okay, exactly how long did you wait before you got pregnant with Merra? I've decided that my 2nd needs to be the EXACT difference in age, and since I learned the first time around that I didn't have control over that--well, I need to let the fertility doctor which month we should aim for. That is the cutest picture, seriously!

I am a texter too! Do you have Verizon? We could do some damage! I don't know how I did it, but my program works really cool: I can just press the #s once as I head toward a word, and the words I use frequently will just come up after a few letters so all I have to press is the up arrow as soon I see the word. For example, I want to write "muffin"--I type 68334 and muffin comes up (well, actually muffins, but it's pretty easy to erase the s versus clicking the number 2 or 3 times to get the letter). Cool, huh? Yes, this is actually a comment. :) I used a whole song on American Idol to explain that!

You're a 68334..

jmbmommy said...

I am not ready for texting....It is too...something for me as of yet. Maybe if I got my own cell plan, then my sister would not say....
you wasted 20 cents to tell me that??
What, I said....
she said 10 cents each way...
I guess my 2 cents has gone up with inflation, I can't keep up with technology...:(
I wish you luck with your technology (what a silly post)(this drivel, not you....you are charming.)

The kids are so cute...my boys like a dirty piece of ribbon over an actual toy ANY DAY!

grandmabetty said...

What adorable pictures of our sweeties.
It is amazing how much entertainment
children can get from small things.


My phone does the same thing as Jamie's...it is the best, except with 2 letter words. I find I type them in so fast that sometimes I go back and there is "fo" instead of "do" and then I have to go back and switch it...or let people try to figure out what i meant.

For those office types, instant messanger is the BEST!!! It is a way to gossip about your co-workers while they are sitting right next to you. Mean, but so funny!

Your kids are too cute! Please tell them to stop growing until I can get there next week. I miss them so much and they are not going to remember me. I guess I will have to bring lots of bog noisy gifts to be sure they still love me!