08 March 2007

for the love of booby pins...

if you already read the hair product post from wednesday
then this will be fun for you...
if you haven't, go read it (or at least the bobby pins part, scroll down it's in there)
& the comments & come back...

an email from grandma...

Regardless of what your friends say, they really are booby pins.
When I was a teenager and a few years beyond, we put our hair
up in pin curls (have you heard of them?) anchored with 2 booby
pins to make our hair pretty.
Then we put a net over them and slept with the things. Talk about
being poked and stuck in the head. Now you can't be more of a
booby than to do that.
So let's hear it for the booby pin women's helper in times of need.
Have a good day,
Love, Grandma

okay friends
these are the kinds of great emails i get from my grandma
she reads all of my blogs
& all of the comments
& emails me
her comments...
& i say
'grandma you should post in the comments'
& she says
'oh no one wants to read what i have to say'
let's take a survey...
do you want to read what my darling grandma has to say?



jmbmommy said...

I love your grandma, and I ALWAYS want to hear what she has to say!!! Please, Grandma---write us what you think...we could all learn something cool!

FullerFam said...

Yes, Grandma! I am one of those that reads Em's blog all the time, but I rarely post. If you start posting I promise to do the same!!

Angie said...

Not only do I want your darling Grandma to post her comments, I don't think your blog would be complete without them!
Come on, Grandma! I know you've posted before! More posts please!

Kel said...

Yes darling Grandma YES!!!!


Grandma! You also send me some fabulous emails after I blog! I recommend that you start your own blog! I would read it everyday!

Left Coast Sister said...

Grandma can only start her own blog if she tells us all where it's at! I want to get comments like that!! (and I love reading them!)

emmi said...

I agree wholeheartedly! Grandma needs to start posting her thoughts. She is so witty. I guess I had never realized where your mom's great sense of humor came from.

I also like the idea of starting her own blog! I would certainly read it and definitely comment. ;) Not that anyone would want to read my comments either.

darlinggrandma said...

I appreciate all you lovely young ladies.
Your comments and blogs brighten my days
and oh how special the pictures.
If I can get google to recognize me you will
see lots of comments - maybe even a blog.
I'm always up for a challenge.

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