29 March 2007

scrambled words with a side of kevin bacon...

(Q & simon...lunchtime movie)

so i know most of you read my friend ali's blog
& that is why i haven't mentioned this earlier
but for those of you who aren't on the ali edwards train
(departures at 7, 10 & 3
to eugene, anywhere scrapbokking is taking place
& corners of your brain that hold creativity, memories & good fun)
i want to mention
at the total last minute
that she is part of this awesome fundraising effort...
six degrees
it's headed up by none other than kevin bacon
& it's way cool...
people choose a cause
& encourage others to donate to it
ali's is autism speaks
her son simon has autism
ali is passionate about finding the cause
& the cure & ways to help people living with it
& to help people who live with the people who are diagnosed...
you can donate as little as $10
which is what i have done
& in the end kevin himself matches up to $10,000
of what is earned...
stinking cool!
so check out the site
& check out ali's site
& see if you might like to help out
it's a great cause
& a great kid
& a great mom...
plus kevin bacon
& who can say no to extra bacon?


ps it ends saturday night
so if you want to donate
get movin'...

1 comment:

Kel said...

Mr. Bacon totally mentioned Ali's charity on Ellen the other day! It was way cool!!!!!