14 March 2007

i am 100 going on 101....

today is my 100th post!
although i'm feeling like it's cheating a little
considering that my very first post was:

yo VIP let's kick it...
that's what i say sometimes when we are getting ready to go
(it's from "ice ice baby" for you non vanilla ice fans)
& oh boy! brian hates it
so he says
"let's hit it, run"
from a run DMC song
oh the romantic utterings going on at our house:)

so this is pretty much a trial run
(again with the run)
& i think i may be crazy because life is pretty full right now
but what the hey
let's give it a try...

that was september 13, 2005...
my next post was april 26, 2006

yeah. let's give it a try...

i can think of no better way to celebrate this birthday
than by introducing you to the birth of a new blog
& what is sure to become
my favorite blog to read
(& i won't be surprised if it becomes yours too)
without further ado....
authored by none other than my darling grandma!

right now she is solliciting subject matter
& let me tell you
she knows about just about anything you can think of
so go on over there
& giver her an idea...

& to all of you my sweet readers
commenters & noncommenters alike
i just want to say thanks for hanging around
& ignoring my many typos
(except the booby pins
thanks for pointing that one out, jmb mommy:)

i love the whole blog thing
how else would i know
what my dear idahoian, kel thinks about hair products
or that the famous jamie from CT
had been thinking the same song lyrics i was on the same day?
these are not things you discuss
when you talk on the phone once every 2 years
okay, jamie once every 8 years
(i still want to talk, jamie, really i do!)
that is what i love
& on that same note
how would i know what any of you think about those booby pins?
for some reason that subject doesn't come up
even with rach who i see at least 2 times a week...
who would have ever thought that typing alone in my room during nap time
(& occassionally at 3am)
would bring me closer to my friends?
it really is too cool...

happy birthday to me
& happy BIRTHday to grandma
oh heck
happy blogday to us all......



Kel said...

Happy blogday Ms. ERG! I like how your initials sound when you say them as a word!!! =)
Um...did you see this?
Interested? That's just my evil overcommitting self trying to pressure you.


Happy Blogday!

darlinggrandma said...

Oh my, 100 blogs.
You do deserve congratulations.
It is amazing that you can accomplish so
many terrific blogs and continue nurturing your
family, scrapbooking and starting go-mom-go.
I love you.

jmbmommy said...


Colleen said...

Happy Blogday Joy! Where else can you celebrate 100 of something? Not many, I tells ya. :)

rach said...

thanks for the tears!
thanks for the laughts!
thaks for the entertainment!
i am a huge fan!