18 January 2007

a thing or two...or eight

golden globes-

the first two presenters were george clooney & justin timberlake
i turned it off 3 hours later
& was just as happy as i would have been
if i had turned it off at 8:13.
i have seen none of the movies
& the chances that i will before the Oscars are slim
that does not make me happy.
so the choice is
take up a new hobby
to take the place of watching & reading about movies
be fine with the fact that i will only see
42 seconds each of babel, the queen & dreamgirls…
& if you know me at all
you know i am going with door #2…
because i still get all of the good feelings & suspence
& know i would cry…
they put the best 42 seconds in those anyway…
(that’s what i like to tell myself)

dixie chicks-

i went to this concert ummm like 3 months ago
but it’s still just going through my head
& when i listen to the cd i’m right there
belting it out with the chicks
(much to the delight of the grumpy people
we were sharing the sky box with)
their voices were just right
& natalie maines is so funny & fun
& when they sang the song lullaby
they asked everyone to open their cel phones
so it looked like a modern day lighter ocean…
very cool…
& i’m sorry to all of the men who think this song is
not okay
(yes i’m talking to you brian & dad)
but ‘goodbye earl' totally rocked
what a great night…
thanks kate!


Christmas was good
Christmas was great
for next Christmas i can hardly wait

family & friends
from near & from far
gave my kids enough gifts
to fit in a mid sized car

i love the lights & the air with it’s chill
too bad most of the stuff from last year
ended up at goodwill…


but i love Christmas
don’t think for a minute that i don’t love Christmas…

hair gel-
the cure for the bowl cut
thank you jesus

this is site i can’t get enough of
all handmade things
different things
different categories
it’s like the hippest craft sale you could ever go to
the best part is choosing a category
then looking at someone’s stuff
then looking at their favorite artsists
& you can just go on & on
it’s like an internet on the internet
but it’s full of cute purses & felt hair accessories
instead of ads for quick loans & porn
i have found a place i want to stay for a long time…
(& if i ever decide to start my own store on etsy
you can bet you will know about it…)

my coast getaway with miss angie was great
& movies
(pretty in pink
high school musical
the whole first season of the office)
bliss i tell you
pure bliss
sunday morning we walked on the beach
& discussed some very deep topics
& we didn’t agree
& we are still friends!
we must be growing up
because 19 years ago
(when we met)
i would have been calling Rachael
(i didn’t know racheal then
but i’m saying if we were now like we were then
besides it’s my blog
i can time travel if i want to…)
& saying
‘i can’t believe angie said that!
can you?
wasn’t she so wrong!?!’
so no phone calls like that took place
(that i know of…)
good times were had by us
i really love that lady…

amy’s enchiladas-
brian & i are doing a new diet
i will not be expanding on that fact here
i will only tell you that
amy’s cheese enchiladas
& luna bars
are God’s gift to dieting women…
they are both allowed on this ‘life choice’;)
& i am a happy girl indeed.
i am glad to know that i have finally stopped
trying to find the best healthy substitute for all of my favorite foods
i have decided to expand my food selections
& take each morsal as it comes
i have decide that peanut m&m’s are good as they are
& they are good when i have 8
not an entire bag
(no not those small bags…)
i have no interest in
some imitation peanut & carob concoction
claiming to taste like the real thing.
newer & better
that will be the name of my autobiography
maybe not…

also… last night at dinner
‘i don’t think i’ve ever seen you eat as much salad as
you have these last few weeks’
‘i don’t think i ever have’
(fat free ceasar-italian dressing is quite good too)

muppets take manhatten-
close your eyes.
think back to a movie you saw as a child
perhaps a movie that someone taped off of tv for you
a movie that you watched with a vcr that was borrowed from your church
(because let's just say your dad was the pastor of said church)
a vcr that spent more time at your house than at the church
a movie that you & your sister watched over & over
a movie that you & your sister watched so much in fact that on your sisters wedding day you sang her a song from the movie while walking down the hall of a hotel
(‘somebodies getting married’)
a movie that you spotted at target yesterday for $5.50
a movie that you brought home
a movie that your son now calls ‘that frog movie’
a movie that makes you happy
a movie that is now passed on to a new generation…

kate’s wedding-
it has been brought to my attention that
people want ‘more kate’s wedding! more kate’s wedding!’
people are outside with signs
marching & chanting that right now…
there will be more
more i tell you
(& stop throwing rice at my house…)
when she gets the pictures
& i get permission to post them
there will be more
oh yes, guido, there will be more…

anything you would like to add?


ps i have a big fun surprise brewing...
& i'll tell you about it soon...



Ahh, I feel so cozy right now. I admit I check your blog multiple times a day looking for an update...ones like this are my favorite! You make me smile and tear up a bit and laugh a little or a lot! LOve it! can I have one everyday?

Oh and yeah, I would like the pictures also. Beleive me we are working on it!

Left Coast Sister said...

Hey, I'm headed your way... are you around this weekend/early next week? Would LUUUUUUUURRRRVE to see you and your groupies!! (Oh, are those KIDS?!!!) Anyway, cawl me at the same number you've called since matching Coca Cola shirt days.
BTW, Miss Kate, I'm one of the protesters shouting "More Kate's Wedding". Must have more. Must live vicariously through another woman who gets to wear a white dress!

Jamie said...

Emily, I can't love you more! I'll have you know that you now have friends of my friends' friends that read your blog and constantly say, "I just love that girl Emily!"

Really, reading your blog is a bright spot in my day/week/whenever you post a blog...

Kel said...

K, so, telling me there is a surprise and not telling me what it is????? PURE TORTURE!!! My husband does this to me and I say, "IT'S NOT A SURPRISE IF I KNOW ABOUT IT!!!!!"

good grief.

And, love love Muppets Take Manhatten. Definitely felt warm and fuzzy thinking back. And then felt old because my children have no idea who the muppets are either. Ahhh the good old days...

Kel said...
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Angie said...

No no... There were no calls to say "can you believe Emily said THAT?!!"
What a lovely weekend it was... The only problem was that it was about seven days too short.
Care to post the Amy's enchilada recipe? (or if it's something you bought, post where I can buy it?) Pregnant lady says "mmmm enchiladas sound good."

jmbmommy said...

ok, now I know that I HAVE to read this before play group.... I hate being confused! And surprise???? what what what???

I can't take it!