10 January 2007


this week someone has a favorite toy
it's something that he wants to play with most of the day
he puts it in different configurations
& dumps it out of it's container
& puts it into it's container
& when he's upset sometimes he throws them

what could this toy of boundless fun be
you ask?
the trains & train table that his parents (read: daddy)
researched & lovingly chose
for it's perfect match to the toddler in question?
could it be the 43 trucks & 28 cars he recieved
for christmas?

see for yourself...

it's a bag of diapers, of course
miss m's diapers
(unused thank you, lord)
& while i find it a little puzzling,
the house does smell baby fresh
& there's nothing bad about that...

so here's to imagination & 'creative' toys...
because apparently there is something
more fun than a barrel of monkeys


he also just said to me
'mama don't hit my castle
(why i would do this no one knows)
it's bery fecial
my daddy made it'
bery fecial
love that...

(translation for anyone who doesn't speak toddler
or quinnese: bery fecial=very special)

oh one more since i'm on a Q kick
when ever he sees something that had sparkle or glitter
he says
'oh look that's very farkley'
i love this because it sounds like he's going to say fart
but then it is actually a decription of something pretty...
is that irony?
or just funny?

you be the judge...


oh & please give me a funny or two
kiddy or otherwise
(i do not decriminate on the basis of no children:)



He is so fecial! Does he also say I eat with my Foon? and I like to fin around?

Perhaps it is genetic...I pronounced the following word wrong in a meeting today

I pronounced misled as myzld...like man that guy really myzled you. Yeah, in a meeting of other sales people. What was my degree again? Journalism. HA!

rach said...

Amelia's favorite toy this week has been a bag just like that (a little smaller) with some clothes in it. She sings happy birthday and makes me or Clara open it 10 to 12 times an hour. For a little while the baby doll she got for Christmas was in the bag as part of the game, so there was a moment when a real toy got some attention!

Anna said...

This summer Ben & Joey found some left over rope and played a million games with it and took it everywhere until it pretty much disintigrated. So, for Joe's birthday, Nonny and Poppy got him a brand new rope which has brought the biggest smile to his face! Who says $5 doesn't go far anymore? :)