24 January 2007

for whom the dial tones...

i will miss
i can't say i won't miss you
the dial tone
& the screeching kooky sounds you make
as you lead me to the land of blogs & shopping

the way i have to load 5 pages at a time
& then go do something else for 5 minutes
10 minutes
while you retrieve them

the fact
that i could read
through a magazine
while browsing amazon

i will miss you the way i miss
8track tapes
when i see one
i have
a quaint little reminder of the times we had before
not really wanting to go back to those times
but happy to sit & remember them
as i listen to my ipod

i will miss you the way i miss
having a wood stove as our sole source of heat for five years
i am glad to have had the experience
& know that if necessary
i could start a fire at will
(with the help of wood & paper & a match
this isn't survivor...)
but after living with heat that i can turn up & down upon my whim
i never wish to go back
remembering thee as i sit in 70 degree comfort

so farewell dear dial up
you have served me well
but i wish to set you free
some relationships are not meant to be forever
i will always look back at you with love

but the time has come
to move on...
the twenty first century calls



jmbmommy said...

OOOOhhhh....I this the surprise???

Welcome to the new millenium!!!


Kel said...

only five more days til February, which is when you said you would share your surprise...just wanted to let you know. =)